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Feb. 23rd, 2013 10:44 pm
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This is the kind of movie that makes you want to hold viewing parties. Everyone needs to watch this. <333
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I'm sorry but I called in sick to work today to take a mental health day and I'm out at Spot Coffee writing all morning and I just had to share this snippet from GHOST CITY because I'm so effin' pleased with it. :D

Kiddo looks away first, steps to the very edge of the roof to look down at the ghosts. Her nearness to the edge makes Noah palpably nervous. He wants to reach to pull her back, but Kiddo is fearless, just as sure footed at the edge of the roof as in the middle of a barren field. He doesn’t want to insult her by insinuating her balance is anything less than remarkable.

But despite what he thinks, Kiddo doesn’t have much of a concept of pride, even when it comes to her physical prowess. She’s stood on many edges in her lifetime, looked out over the clear dark of the night, or the water, or the sky, and no one has ever touched her arm to draw her back to safety. If Noah had done that, as he wanted to, just then, Kiddo wouldn’t have been insulted. She might have been startled that someone would make such a communicative gesture—
“I don’t want you to fall and die”—especially Noah. But she wouldn't have been insulted.

Instead, Kiddo stands on the edge of the roof, alone, and Noah does nothing, fearful that pulling her back would only push her farther away.

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Arcade Fire, "My Body is a Cage," has been shaking up the speakers in my car pretty much every day the past few weeks.

My body is a cage that keeps me
From dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key

My body is a cage that keeps me
From dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key

I'm standing on a stage
Of fear and self-doubt
It's a hollow play
But they'll clap anyway

My body is a cage that keeps me
From dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key

You're standing next to me
My mind holds the key

I'm living in an age
That calls darkness light
Though my language is dead
Still the shapes fill my head

I'm living in an age
Whose name I don't know
Though the fear keeps me moving
Still my heart beats so slow

My body is a cage that keeps me
From dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key

You're standing next to me
My mind holds the key
My body is a cage

My body is a cage
We take what we're given
Just because you've forgotten
That don't mean you're forgiven

I'm living in an age
That screams my name at night
But when I get to the doorway
There's no one in sight

I'm living in an age
That laughs when I'm dancing
With the one I love
But my mind holds the key

You're standing next to me
My mind holds the key

Set my spirit free
Set my spirit free
Set my body free
Set my body free

Set my spirit free
Set my body free


Jan. 11th, 2013 09:21 pm
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My grandfather passed away peacefully yesterday morning with much of his family at his side. We're not having a funeral, but a prayer service next week (he would have liked prayers) at the funeral home where he'll be cremated, and then in the summer, when our family can all get together, we're going to have a memorial service and celebration of his life. I am more than at peace with his passing--I am so happy for him, that he is whole again, aware again, in the arms of loved ones who have gone before.

My heart goes out to all of you who have also lost loved ones recently, and to those of you who fear you may lose one soon. I wish I could beam some of my peace to you, wherever you are, in your dark hours. 
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So Sarah started hosting Thursday night vespers at her UU church in Albion, which in this case translates to a meditation circle. I am *ecstatic,* because as you may remember I periodically wax nostolgic about the circle we used to attend many years ago, and lament that we had to leave it due to certain sketchy events. Last night was the second week of Thursday night Vespers, and I want to try to commit to journaling about these as they come because they are always full of beautiful lessons and awakenings and... moments. :)

We open the circle (although it's just been Sarah and me so far because the event hasn’t been officially announced to the congregation) with a short reading, and then briefly sharing anything that's on our mind, to let it go before meditation. Sarah has been reading from the UU book (hymnal? prayer book? :x) and MY GOD the poetry is exquisite. We meditate for about 20 minutes, meditation in this case being the practice of grounding, clearing, and opening yourself up to messages from spirit, your highest self, the universe, the divine, etc. It’s sort of a progressive meditation with inner journeying, shedding of the physical world/perceptions and of the burdens that obscure our awareness of our own magic. Much of the experience for me comes in visions, sometimes in direct messages.

This has been a hard year for me--one of the hardest of my life. I’ve been working hard on healing, evolving, confronting, growing... basically shaping myself into who I want to be, even though usually that means spending a lot of time agonizing over the fact that I’m not there yet. I’m hard on myself (aren’t we all?). I’ve come to realize with much surprise that I’m a perfectionist in my own weird way. Shame and self-criticism are my default reactions when things don’t go smoothly, and then trying to figure out what went wrong, how to fix it, and how to proceed in the future. On paper that doesn’t sound terrible. It sounds logical. But the heart is not logical. The soul is not logical.

WARNING: Thar be METAPHORS ahead! )
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My old editing business, Your Write Words, is officially back up and running (as soon as I get some legitimate clients)! This will hopefully be what saves me from using up all of my savings in my venture to go part time at my day job. If I can make this business work (I only need to earn $800/month!), I can work part time indefinitely, while getting my writing done first thing every morning, so that eventually I might just be able to start publishing books again.

Feel free to "Like" YWW on Facebook, share my site (www.ywwediting.com), or refer anyone who you think would be interested in some professional editing! Any help you would like to give by spreading the word to your writer friends (fiction and non!) would be absolutely the most wonderful and nicest thing in the world that you could possibly do for me. NO PRESSURE THOUGH :D 

(No, seriously: no pressure. You guys rock hard enough as it is. <3)

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The manuscript. I am making progress. Through a frenzy of cutting, cutting and pasting, smoothing and sorting, the good bits of the new draft are blending chunkily with the good bits of the old. It's rough--rougher than rough--but it's progress. Real, satisfying progress.

For the first time in a very long time, I've been scene-fantasizing--those self indulgent moments or minutes where you act/write out an anticipated scene in your head even though it's not strictly productive to do so. Or, I used to think it wasn't. What good could it do to know every detail of a scene from the middle of book 3 when you can't even finish revising book 1?

Apparently, it does a lot of good.

These scenes, as self indulgent and almost self-fan-fic-ish as they are, exist in my brain because they make me excited. They rekindle my passion for the characters, the story. They remind me what the point of writing this story was to begin with, or has become. It turns out this indulgence is an essential motivator, an exercise that I have unwittingly practiced since I was very young... until, that is, I began to believe it was a waste of time because it did not always yield a practical result.

But it all makes sense, really, in such an obvious way. Of course the part about storytelling that I love, the rumination and immersion in the worlds they inhabit, the fantasizing about other places and people and times, would be essential. Of course the fun, "pointless" act of imagining would be a necessary ingredient for inspiration, and creative sustenance.

I am so silly sometimes.

Halp plz?

Jun. 3rd, 2012 08:51 pm
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So when Rusty was dropped at the shelter, the droppers assumed the shelter would have him put down because he was riddled with mange. Sue, the director at the shelter, did the proper thing first, which is took him to a vet, had him dipped and medicated, and eventually the mange cleared up. By the time we picked him up, almost all of his fur had grown back.

But... I think the mange is coming back. :/ He has patches on his head where the hair is missing, and the skin is pink and irritated.

I'm not going to freak out about this because I have a plethora of information an resources at my disposal to handle this. A) I have a bunch of the pills that the vet originally gave him, and instructions on how he should take them. B) I have a bunch of cedar oil products that my father sells specifically for use on pets to treat things like mange. C) Mange is a lot like scabies, and if you recall there was a scabies outbreak at my husband's place of work so we learned all about how to prevent and treat that at home (sulphur!). D) Worst case scenario we break the bank taking him to a vet for medicated dips.

This isn't going to be a problem. It might be expensive, but he's part of our family now, and we'll do what we have to do.

I'm just wondering: have any of you ever had a dog with mange? Do you know anyone who has? Do you know how they treated it? If chemicals worked I'd be all over that, but it seems like they didn't work this time, and from what I've read around the internet it seems like they don't work in general, so home remedies are actually the better option this time (not just me being an anti-chemical hippie).

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Meet Rusty!

Rusty loves his squeaky carrot!

Sometimes he fetches it...

And other times, he just cuddles with it. In his mouth.

That's Rusty!

He is the sweetest, most playful, most adorable little guy. He's so incredibly smart, and is learning very quickly. I'm learning a lot, too, about being a different kind of mom--being a mother to cats is much easier, for one thing. Being a mother to a dog in a house full of cats is no picnic. The cats are adjusting though--Luke spends most of his time upstairs still, but he does come down to use the litter box, and even comes to sniff around when Rusty is sitting on the couch with me. Lando is being strangely dominant, which I can't say is a surprise, but it's a little unexpected. He usually just doesn't care about things--he's very interested in Rusty though, especially in letting Rusty know who's boss. Leto is nervous, but not nervous enough to stay out of the kitchen when he thinks there might be food for him to steal ;D

But mostly, the big difference between owning cats and dogs is, owning a dog requires a lot more time, focus, energy, and selflessness. And it's surprisingly easy for me to give those things away to something I love. <3

Anyway, I'm reading a lot on dog training methods (positive reinforcement!) and feeding choices (no grain, all natural!). But if any of you veteran dog owners have any suggestions on how to train a dog that is too smart for its own (or my own?) good, let me know! 

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We went to visit Jared's maternal grandparents this weekend in PA. There is so much drama on his side of the family, I'm not even going to try to explain (I don't even know if I actually understand it), but I'm happy to say I'm married to a man who doesn't hold grudges and is good at making amends. So we got to spend time with some good people, adorable dogs, and GOATS.

OMG GOATS. Jared's aunt has a dairy farm, and her daughter/his cousin has been raising goats for a few years now. They make soap from the goat milk and sell it at fairs, and make cheese to eat at home. And they're adorable! Little alpine goats, drinking from bottles, acting like dogs! Oooh I want land, and a couple of goats and chickens, and alpacas (I've just wanted alpacas for a long time, ever since I saw a lady walking hers at Niagara Falls State Park. Plus, their shearings go for big money these days!). This is my official goal. Once I'm firmly established as a work from home author, we're going to do this. :D

After the drive home yesterday we met up with my parents, who helped us fix our gutter which has been hanging since January, and plant some lily of the valley Jared's grandmother gave us from her garden. I luuurv lily of the valley. I only wish it bloomed longer.

I'm finally beginning to see how I want the garden to turn out. We're going to have to actually get our hands on some plants (though we are taking plenty of transplants from my parents, heehee) like bittersweet, holly, some Stepables groundcovers (I'm a groundcover lover)... and of course we'll need trelis like things, and stones etc. for demarkating the garden border. I'm going to expand the front yard garden so that it follows along the walkway to the stairs, too--we're going to plant a crapload of lavender there so it smells heavenly when you walk up the stairs. Eee! Gardens!

So aside from all that... I turn 27 in a few weeks! I'm celebrating with a massage this week, and Jared is taking me to Lily Dale for a reading on the 19th. Also, there are other things. Surprises. ;D

What is NOT a surprise, is the dog we're going to visit tonight in Ashville! I'M SO EXCITED. XD XD XD

OK! Happy Monday!
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I think this new course of homeopathic is helping tremendously. Errything's excitin'!

-I OWE SARAH AND JENN MY FIRST BORN CHILD. They've helped me so much with my current WIP I cannot even begin to articulate. Endless, endless hours of me whining have been endured. But! I really think, honestly, something amazing is about to happen with this book. I figured out some major details just now (*ahem*googledocs*ahem*) thanks to Jenn and Sarah's insight last night! Eeee! The bad guys have clear, believable motivation! And I'm reinserting the soul of the story!!! Eeeee!!!

-Also, there is a dog/puppy. He is half pomeranian/half sheltie? terrier? something? and his name is Rusty (for now). He gets along with cats and dogs and is mostly housebroken. We're going to drive 1.5 hours on Monday to meet him!!! XD

ETA: This is the ONLY picture of Rusty they have! ADORBS! ;-;

And this is his very brief petfinder.com profile.

-I put on my big girl panties and sold some stock this morning. I'm doing a RESET on our finances that have been messed up since I made too big of a downpayment on our new car, and getting ahead so we can start implementing a weekly budget/allowance and be much better about spending less, and being more mindful of where our money is going. Which is exciting to me! Even though I hate numbers, I love budgeting :) I use mint.com to help me track my spending, and synch all my accounts, and it makes things so much easier!

-We have paint picked out for the bathroom. Now we just need the time to get the painting done! It's going to be a pain-- we'll have to move the toilet and sink--but I'm super excited to start making it a pretty, relaxing space instead of the neutral blah it is now.

That's it for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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-I'm trying to cultivate a perspective that sees unwanted things as contrast and variety, things that signal me to turn my attention towards what I want instead. Focusing on the negative never helps. So far, it's kind of lovely.

-I got some fresh copies of TPaL in the mail, and I intend to go out to the local independent bookstores (there are perhaps 3) and ask them if they'd be willing to carry it. I am pretty terrified about doing this, even though I know the worst case scenario is a rude rejection, which I deal with every day on the phones at work. I'm just clueless as to how to have this particular conversation. *gulp*

-I think, perhaps, FINALLY, my homeopathic remedy has stopped the emotional rollercoaster thing. I'm still working out how to approach these latest rewrites and revisions, but my main goal now is the write the story that makes me happy, and that's it. Thoughts on publishing can wait.

-I want a dog. We're working on manifesting the perfect addition to our family--Jared wants a Boston terrier, and I just want something that gets along with cats and doesn't chew on furniture ;)

-My birthday is in just under a month! I want to get myself a tattoo, and need to get my lazy butt to the artist I have in mind for a consultation.

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Apr. 10th, 2012 09:47 am
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So, Jared and I are currently obsessed with the show SUPERNATURAL. One of my favorite characters is an angel named Castiel, who I discovered by accident via tumblr is the angel of Thursday (which is hilarious to me). Today, out of curiosity, I started looking for the angels for the other days of the week, specifically Friday because that's the day I was born on, and found a website that had an angel assigned to each day of the year. So check this out.

For May 17th:

Kadiel, the angel of Friday, death, and rebirth
Associated Tarot card: THE HIEROPHANT


...or is this book going to destroy and rebuild me?



Mar. 21st, 2012 10:07 am
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Yesterday, in honor of the first day of spring and the GORGEOUS weather we've been having all week, Jared and I took our bikes out the moment we came home from work. We rode into the city, through ghost neighborhoods and past crumbling churches and boarded up factories, and did figure eights outside of City Hall by the McKinley Monument. We stopped for dinner at Spot Coffee on Delaware Ave., and I was a little heartbroken to find that it is slowly turning into a cafe that is just like all the other chain cafes out there.

Spot was originally a local chain with a unique, thrifty style: lots of busted vintage couches and gaudy brass lamps with crystals hanging from the shades, local artwork on the walls, and bold, dark colors used for decorating. The bathrooms were a haven for graffiti artists and poets, a repository for quotations and sentiment, little slices of other people's lives inked onto the walls for all to see. A few weeks ago, the bathroom was painted over in a rich grey paint--I thought perhaps they were just giving us a clean canvas since the other one had filled up. But yesterday I saw with some sadness that the bathroom had been remodeled. It now looks just like all the other chain cafe bathrooms I've been in: grey/brown tile walls, a stylishly large granite sink, new brushed nickel fixtures everywhere. I could have been washing my hands in almost any kind of chain establishment that has renovated in the last 15 years.

I mentioned it to Jared, and when he went into the men's room he said there was a tiny bit of graffiti on the door that read "new walls?! MOAR ART" and even though it's juvenile, it made me happy. It made me glad to see I wasn't the only one who missed the original personality of the local cafe.

Maybe I'm being silly, but it sure does make me sad to see a place like that begin to sell out. I suppose they have to cater to the crowd with the most money--and being voted best place to talk business, I guess they're no longer trying to appeal to the hip local college students any more.

Le sigh. Such is life.


Jan. 31st, 2012 10:50 am
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I found this quote on accident, and it has given me the answers to my scariest questions about The Arcana series.

"Remembering speechlessly we seek the great forgotten language, the lost lane-end into heaven, a stone, a leaf, an unfound door." - Thomas Wolfe

I'm... I'm just... This is the epiphany I knew was coming.

The magic is back.


Jan. 29th, 2012 08:32 am
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(That's Arabic slang for "cool")

I'm sitting at a table at a restaurant in JFK waiting for my breakfast. My flight back to Buffalo isn't for another 5-ish hours.

There is so much I want to say about the past ten days. About the beauty of the land, and the people, about the food and the customs, about the history, the stories-- so many stories-- I was told, and the feelings I had seeing the Mediterranean Sea with my own eyes, and touching the Western Wall, and driving through the West Bank... And also about having a fever my second night in Jerusalem, and pretty much being too sick to enjoy 50% of the end of the trip, and the peak bonding times with my fellow travelers.

But I think I'll wait to do that tomorrow, when I can take the day to reflect after a good night's sleep in my own bed, beside my beloved, surrounded by my kittehs. Also, there will be pictures that way.

Sababa? Sababa.
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Heyo, I'm trying out a new LJ client for my phone since the other app just stopped working.

So, hello! How is everyone's holiday season going? I just bought a new/used car, a 2009 Yaris 2-door hatchback, black, and CUTE AS HELL :D

Um... What else? What's new? I'll go read your journal entries now.

Happy Tuesday!
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4. A favorite deity or archetype you use in your spiritual work.

My work with deities has fluctuated quite a bit over the years. It is my belief that there is no separate being that is more godly than another, that each of us is god-energy in physical form, and that the greater part of us is, in fact, god-energy still in non-physical form, too. And I say "god" without a gender implication--I think divinity is beyond the physical, and beyond duality. But, that being said, I think there will always be quite a lot about god-energy that we in our physical forms will never be able to really comprehend, and so we have to quantify and personify and compartmentalize a lot of the aspects of our own divinity and the workings of the universe so that we can have some grasp of It All. So, when I work with deities, it is from that standpoint. I do believe that the energy is real and really communicating and interacting with me, but it is my belief that when I work with, say, Artemis, I'm working with a collective of god-energy that is akin to my feelings about her and her wisdom.

Artemis was huge for me when I was in my Maiden and Maiden-warrior phase of life, but her energy hasn't been necessary for some time. Now that I'm basically into the Mother phase of my life (I think the maiden phase is always there, a little bit), I have actually had quite an affinity for Mary. This strikes me as odd because I have never been raised anything close to Christian or Catholic, in fact I identify more with my father's Jewish heritage than my mother's Episcopal, and I also spent a lot of time in my angrier, less-understanding youth kind of thinking anything associated with Jesus was stupid. But when I work with Mary I feel so fucking loved. Like, tears-to-my-eyes, nothing-can-hurt-me, look-at-how-amazing-the-world-is kind of love, and joy. And still I feel like I want to work more deeply with her, to understand her story. I'm hoping to reconnect with my deities this fall and winter, so hopefully I'll get the chance to communicate more with her in detail.

(As an aside, kind of, Jared and I watched the first part of a movie called "Zeitgeist" the other day, where they discuss, essentially, how Jesus's story is the same as hundreds of legends that came before him, based on stories we've told by the stars for thousands of years. This is something I've known for a long time, but it got me thinking though: who is the "virgin mother" really? Why is she a constant in these stories? Why is she called "virgin?" I must look into this further!)

Male female balance in my "worship" is important to me, too, and comes rather naturally. I've work a lot with Hermes and Ganesh in the past, and Ganesh is still someone I smile at every day (I keep his statue at my cubicle at work, he helps to dispel the negativity). But my main male figure is actually something more like a spirit guide, which, seeing as how I believe spirit is god-energy too, makes me think of him as a deity for this question's sake. I call him Malcom, because I realized a character in one of my books by the same name was modeled after him. I've been seeing him in dreams and in my head since I was a very little girl. I can communicate with him any time, easy as pie. He always knows the answers to my questions. He is the wisdom I have but often can't access when I need it most.

5. An animal you identify with spiritually.
Crows are big for me. I have three of them tattooed on my ribs. To me they are magical, otherworldly things. They represent the kind of grounded-yet-free state of being that I strive for, creatures that seem to shift between worlds and yet remain anchored. As a writer, I'm always striving for that balance--how to stay grounded and let myself float off into my imagination at the same time. Crows embody that capacity to me, and I don't really know why.

I also love pigeons. They're tenacious, brave, excellent communicators, and can always find their way home :)

6. A photo of a magical place outdoors.

The Sahara Desert in Morocco. I think the most alive day/night of my life was there. Everything was thrilling--sound, touch, taste, smell, and dear gods the sights... it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. I love the desert.

The Questions )
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I've finally backed away from the edge of desperation that i'd been tracing for a while. *phew* life was just getting a wee bit out of control there for a while. But I had some breakthroughs this weekend and week, despite still living out of boxes and STILL getting the rest of our stuff from the apartment. I don't even want to talk about that.

But I discovered a lovely little coffee shop a few blocks from my house, and I plan on many pilgrimages there. And I plugged in my keyboard the other night and played for a while. And I even hauled out my cello and tuned it and played, and dear sweet baby jeebus did that feel good. Unfortunately its the cheapest piece of crap cello one can buy, so it never really sounds all that great. I'd like to buy a better one someday, because I seriously need to play more often--I was totally ramped up after I played, and I was in an amazing mood for 24 straight hours. I'm still feeling pretty good. But I go through weird musical phases, you know? I won't deny that I have musical talent, I can pick up any instrument and play it... A little. And there are so many instruments I love to play. So if I want to get really good at one... How would I choose? And I go through phases where I'm way more excited about one over the others. Like, I think maybe if I took lessons on piano is get really good. I can play a lot now, I can play Brick by Ben Folds, and some Radiohead songs, and I'm decent at composition too. But I've always felt a kinship with the guitar, and it just so happens my husband got a free guitar from work that they were going to throw out, that my dad got fixed up cheap, that sounds amazing, that was actually a $700 guitar when it came out in the 70's... And its the perfect size for me. And there's my ukulele which I love, which I want to get in tenor too, and even a banjolele if I can find one for a good price.

But then there's the CELLO, which I did play for four years in school, and even though I rarely play now I'm still okay, and it is still THE GREATEST INSTRUMENT OF ALL TIME in my humble opinion. (I also read a book recently where the MC was a cellist and I was so jealous of her fictional life because she had kept playing...)

I don't know I don't know...

This is the story of my life, of course. I have big broad interests that I can't choose my favorites from. It's why I still haven't begun to learn a second language, and why I haven't devoted nearly enough time to my pursuit if visual arts. (I <3 photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, making movies and animations... Eventually I WILL be sectioning off some part of my office for animating purposes!)

I realize that I've entered a phase of my creative recovery that is like a dam opening too much too fast. I need to focus, let the energy flow instead of flood. But it's hard! There is so much I want to do! Not to mention the ideas I have for my house, inside and out.

These are good problems to have though, so I will stop complaining now ;D

Also, jfyi, we will have our internet hooked up this weekend! So I will be back online and able to read AND comment on you entries again! Reading is easy on my phone, but commenting takes way too long, and is very unreliable. So I apologize for my lack of responseyness!

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Holy wow batman I am like never on here. I dislike that. I want to update more, but life, work... sigh.

Life is good though. I've been feeling wonderful the past few weeks, trusting the universe, appreciating all the blessings that have been bestowed to me. We close on our house the week of the 22nd (I can't believe it's so close!) and we move that weekend. Hopefully we'll have time to get in there and paint at least the ground floor before we move our stuff in. Packing is not happing as quickly as I'd like, but it's hard. First we need to get boxes, second we need to have a place for boxes once they're full. And for some reason it doesn't work out that you can use the space that the boxed things once utilized. Huh.

In other news, I love my husband so much. I'm not a big gusher, but I have just been oozing love for him lately. Maybe it's because I'm watching my older brother go through a rough divorce, and maybe it's because this whole year has had me really focused on family, but I am just so happy and in love. And buying a house with him is a whole new adventure (hopefully to be followed by the adventure of getting a dog together this Christmas!), and I am so excited for it. For a lot of things, actually.

I have this plan, see (so long as the economy doesn't collapse). I have all this money in the stock market that I never use for anything. Over the years it's always been "you'll want to use that for [insert major purchase] some day!" but, hell, we just bought a house and didn't use it. So. A while back I figured out that if I could somehow make an extra $100/week outside of my day job, and have it not take up much time, then I could go back to part time at work, and I could have extra time for writing. I have more than enough money in stocks (at the moment) to liquidate some, enough to give me $100/week for a full year. I can go part time for a full year.

That means I will have a whole year to really focus on my writing, my marketing, my everything to do with my real career. Plus I will have the added bonus of a structure that forces me to wake up in the morning, and reminds me why I shouldn't slack off on writing.

So, that's amazing. :D

And of course, there is always the possibility that TPaL will take off in sales one day and I'll make lots of money from that. XD

What else. Oh, I discovered a site called netgalley.com where you can request egalleys for free! I've gotten about 10 books from them sent to my kindle! AND right before I signed up for netgalley I had ordered 3 books from Amazon which arrived today, so I'm rolling in reading material, and loving the hell out of it. Mmmm stories...

Speaking of stories, I'm still writing The Tower every day. And loving the hell out of it, too. It's unfolding in this magical, soft, dark, breathtaking way that I could have never expected it to. It gives me chills sometimes, just thinking about it. I love these books so much. I can't wait to see what happens next.

So yay for life!

Have an awesome weekend :)


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