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I'm stuck animating until god knows when. Meanwhile, I have a novel to finish before midnight tomorrow! WTF people, why does animating take so long?

On a side note (while I'm waiting for pain to dry), my novel is running away from me. Here was the original climax/end:

Tristan and Zelda try to kill Johnny
it doesn't work
Zelda chops down the tree of life

here's the climax/ending that my novel decided is going to happen:

Tristan and Zelda make a plan to kill Johnny
but johnny thinks Zelda has a tumor (she's actually preggers w/ Tristan's bebeh) and that's why her body's rejecting the ambrosia, so he tries to "cure her" with some alchemical medicine
Tristan busts in just in time, but...
Francis, the guy he thought he'd killed earlier, came back...
(I'm not exactly certain how I'm going to get from there to the next part)
Zelda kills the tree of life
either happily ever after, wolves ever after, or only Zelda lives... with babies

yeah i know it's not easy to follow when you're not in my head.

But I was hoping to have time to work some of it out tonight! HAH it's almost midnight, and I only have 9 effin' seconds and I need 20, minimum. Bleh. Plus I'm getting a headache. And I'm tired. And it's really hot in here. And it's making me whiny!

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So, the object animation is almost done, I'm just having trouble exporting it. Quicktime makes the images do this funky dance that's just not there in the iStopmotion file. But, yes, it's about a minute long. And it took me less time to animate than the Balloon Head Massacre! I got to bed around the same time though- 5:30- and then battled with the kittens all morning for silence. They won.

Today I think I need to go for a walk in the woods. Maybe take a nap. I haven't written anything substantial in "The Hierophant" in a long time, so tonight Sarah Diemer and I are going to have at it. I need to get through this semi-block stage, and she needs to finish her draft! The only solution to both those concerns is write, write, write. Really, I think that's the solution to most of life's concerns.

I considered fasting for Yom Kippur, but then I remembered I don't believe in sin. Plus, um, food is really awesome, and makes you feel better when you're delerious from sleep deprivation.

Happy Day of Atonement- I hope you're all enjoying James McAvoy today. Ooh, that's a good idea...
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Yesterday began on less sleep than I care to think about, since I tossed and turned all night with waaay too much on my mind. In the morning, I made a list- a long list- of all the details and items that needed to be done before the day was out. And by golly I did it all. I managed to get absolutely everything done and in the mail in order to apply for the study abroad program at Oxford Brookes (which, to dispel confusion, is not actually part of Oxford University, but is a university in Oxford), and I got everything ready for my object animation.

I made one crucial mistake though: I did not remember to get the key to the animation suite before I left school. D'oh! But, it all worked out because I came home from class around 10 and was passed out by 11:30 (the earliest I've gone to bed in God knows when). Tonight I have obligations, but I'm in the suite right now until 6ish doing all the cut away shots, then back again tonight for an overnight for the master shot. Thank god UB gets off for Yom Kippur.

I've encountered a semi-block in my young adult novel (that I have re-named [not renamed] "The Hierophant" because I think the tarot card titles work best), mostly because I haven't had time to work on it, and if I have had time I've been tired. Also, it's building towards a climax and I have only a vague idea of where I'm going. Usually, or at least as has been the norm so far in this novel, that's fine- the Universe delivers. But I'm having trouble receiving because I've gotten critical of the whole draft.

That's ok though. I know it's just a first draft. It will need a lot of work, but in the end it will be awesome. I can't get to the awesome unless I go through the lesser degrees of awesome, can I? Not likely. I should get used to revisions and stop being afraid of them (unconsciously or not), especially if I want my career to be writing novels. I have entered a phase of doubt in regards to the value of the entire story, but I'm trying to dismiss it based on the logic of previous enthusiasm.


Back to animating angels and fairies!
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This is what Sarah Poley and I did for fifteen hours yesterday/this morning:


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