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Ok, so update on life:

-Got the living room/dining room and bedroom painted Friday night/Saturday morning/Sunday morning. The bedroom is this amazing shade of bright slate blue called "Viking." I heart it
-Got most of my furniture and crap moved in, although there's still a bunch of stuff at Laura's apartment I need to grab (I got a bunch of it last night, but i'm so sore and tired...). By the end of the week I'll have it all. Much of it will be going into storage or to my parents for the garage sale in late May
-Jared and I set up the loveseat and chairs and stuff in the living room Sunday night, and it looks perty
-I brought the cats over last night. They seem to be adjusting well, although Luke was hiding this morning.

-I'm in the process of researching and requesting quotes from string trios for the ceremony. They's 'spensive!
-Also, cake-tasting tonight. However, if this place doesn't have anything awesome we're just going to do fancy pies and brownies I think.
-With a Jareth and Sarah "cake" topper
-Jared is in charge of contacting DJs this week. We'll see... he's just as insanely busy as I am, but with less of a reality on how we needed that booked LAST MONTH

-I'm still writing every morning, from 8-9! In fact, I'm making sure I get to work at 8 so that I can write from 8 right up until 9, instead of 8 to 8:45.
-TPaL is coming along great. I'm so happy with this project! My only concern is small, and that's how to pitch it to an agent when I'm done (since the chapters are so short, and mostly adults read it, but it could be considered even Middle Grade fiction)
-I think a major re-write of The Hierophant is coming up. I have a new vision of Ana's character that would make her more interesting, and realistic I think.

-The Expo went OK, we sold 5 Bokashi bins in total. Composting seems to be a buzz thing with the green movement, since people have been hearing about it for years
-The Green Buffalo site ( is up and running, and is relatively done...
-Just putting the finishing touches on my mother's e-book, "Introduction to Being Well: An Empowering Guide to Natural Health" and designing a cover, then figuring out how to make it downloadable.
-I have to put the phone number on the site soon, which means fielding phone calls... bleh

-I'm madly in love
-Jared will be LIVING WITH ME IN BUFFALO by May 1st
-I have a secret surprise in store for him that involves $100 in Marriott gift certificates that I got from credit card reward points, and kidnapping him for a weekend
-We're getting new phones on Thursday- I finally get to join the 21st century and update my facebook status from my phone! lol

And that is all for now. I am exhausted and must drink pots of coffee now.
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I bought a loveseat last night that closely resembles this awesome box-like chair my mother had for years (that my sister-in-law reupholstered in an off-white-pattern-on-black, and that I now have). It is missing any kind of slip cover, and the back pillows, but it's in great condition otherwise, and really where am I ever going to have another chance to get a matching (or close enough) loveseat to that amazing chair?

So I'm going for it, and I'm going to reupholster the loveseat myself. AND make pillow covers for the form pillows I bought last night XD I picked out a super-classy but not-too-classy red print on off-white that I'm going to use for the back pillows; I'm doing the seat cushions in a matching/complementary off-white (both of these fabrics will work well to hide the cat fur); and i'm doing the shell of the loveseat in blood red (which goes perfectly with the red on the print), which is going to look fan-freakin-tastic in our living room which I'm painting a light buttery yellow this Friday. SO EXCITED!

Does this make me old?

Who cares!

Its so much fun to move into a new apartment! :D
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-I have a job! HOORAY! I am my parents "bitch" while they start up their new business, The Green Buffalo. I'm their creative consultant, their site designer, their videographer should they decide to do instructional videos, their researcher, their press person, brainstormer, and one day I will be their office and shipping manager. Woot! This is awesome for so many reasons, and all of them fall under the umbrella of this fact: so many details of this job are EXACTLY what I asked for when I made my lists of positive aspects and things I wanted in a job. Who knew I'd find it at home? I'm not making tons of money- I'm starting at $10/hour- but it's more than enough to get by. Because... long as I get the go-ahead from Jared, we've got an apartment! Almost literally right next door to where I live now! Haha. I called Bilbo (my landlord, haha) about a 2 bedroom apartment they had listed in Kenmore, and he called me back saying "You know there's a 2 bdrm available in your complex, right?" No i did not! Now I do! I saw it this morning and it's perfect. It's about 100 square feet larger than the place I have now, perfect for a bedroom and an office. Still has a big living room, a dining room, a kitchen (this one has a cute tiny little broom closet :O). I already know the neighborhood. I know we'll have infinite hot water! And it's still on the 3rd floor, so I still get everyone else's heat in the winter, which is still included in the rent, which is only $645. Woot! April 15th is the move-in date. We're going to paint, I think, before we move. Spend what I would have on a moving truck, on paint! haha

-The not so awesome, is I learned that the lead singer from my favorite band of all time, Sparklehorse, killed himself last week- shot himself in the heart, to be precise. This makes me sad on so many levels. Not a hero-worship OMGPRINCESSDI kind of sad, but just... :( It's not a band that is easy to get into, and to be frank the lyrics often don't make any sense. But in the choice of words and sound and deliverance of song everything coalesces into something I found profoundly beautiful. I've always wanted to see him play live- and there are very few musicians I've ever wanted to see play live, and now I never will. The artist is gone, and his art flows no more. The songs that have been so inspirational, so meaningful, so heartwrenchingly good to me for nearly ten years... they all still exist. But there will never be any more of their kind. It's a hard thought to think.

But, on the whole, life is good and things are shaping up and opportunities abound! The Universe still loves me after all! Not that I ever thought it didn't... ;D
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So, as some of you might know/remember, my friend Laura is moving into my apartment soon, and will be subletting it from me at a $100 discount (for watching my cats and doing me a hella favor by subletting to begin with!) while I'm in Oxford. Now, I don't live like a complete pig, but I have a tendency to operate within a piling system, as opposed to a filing system- my filing cabinet, actually, has most of its files piled on top of it instead of hanging inside of it.

Needless to say, that won't work with a roomy, so I spent most of today cleaning my apartment. I feel like I hardly got anything done, though- sure, you can see the kitchen counter now, and the linen closet in the bathroom is organized (kind of) for the first time ever, and my dresser is cleared of all the clothes that I'd strewn atop it. But I still feel like the place is a mess. I think it has a lot to do with the cords all around me, and stacks of books, and half-arranged nick-knacks. Plus the pile of recyclables waiting to be taken downstairs (it's such a schlep from the 3rd floor that I think I've only bothered maybe 4 times since I moved in here).

But it's all coming together. I'm really excited about it, actually. I'm getting rid of a lot of things (like clothes that I haven't worn in ages, or things I've held onto because they have some funny memory attached to them, but really they only get in the way of having a clean apartment because I never actually DO anything with them, just move them around to different piles of crap), packing up other things for storage, and hopefully making this place a bit more "zen," or at least more accessible to Laura when she comes.

What else? Oh, yes, I submitted email query letters for The Hierophant to seven agents last night! I got two rejections already, but that's okay! They obviously weren't the right agents for me :) I feel a little sneaky about it because I'm not entirely done with my revisions, but they're going so smoothly, and to be honest there wasn't much that needed to be done! This novel was me channeling Divine Inspiration- it's not flawless, but it's pretty damn amazing for a first draft.

I feel very grateful today :)
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Well, another xmas has come and gone, anti-climactic and vague once again. It was a good time, but weird. We spent a good half hour on the phone with Adam before opening gifts, and then speaker phoned it up when we opened his gifts to us that he fedexed the week before. All in all, it was the best christmas ever besides last, when adam and karen were both here. But this year, we cut back the gifts a LOT and i was glad to find I recieved absolutely nothing that I didn't want or know I will never use. I think everyone enjoyed the gifts I gave them. It's always hard to tell, and I always feel like I could have done better, even though I try. I'm just not a very creative gift giver. Or if I am, I begin to suspect it's a stupid gift soon before giving it anyway.
Well, I'm at the apartment. I spent all day today scrubbing and cleaning and destroying my fingers. Tonight will be my second night here, and The Bean's. I'm picking up a free internet signal from one of my neighbors! hehehe. It's actually a lot faster than the connection at home, so huzzah. Mmm spring rolls.
Speaking of The Bean, I haven't seen her since Essier (not an typo) was here earlier. I bet she's in a closet somewhere.
I got the BBC production of Neverwhere from Scott!! YAY! Let's go watch it!


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