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Just got back from Scotland :)

Uploading to flickr as we speak.

Missed a few good-byes while we were away :(

Edinburgh is full of characters: Smiley McGee, the bartender that wouldn't stop smiling sleezily at Becky and me; Story McGee, the bartender at the hostel that was cool at first, then got pissed when Barcelona won the world cup and told us the same stories ad nauseam; Shorty McGee, and Ginger Shorty McGee, a pair of hooligans from Glasgow, the latter of which insisted I was the most exotic and extraordinarily beautiful girl he's ever met (why, thank you), and who kept smelling my hair and pretending to grab my ass; Dutchy McGee, a Dutchman staying at our hostel who followed us, with several of his friends, to a nightclub; Lumpy McGee, a large, friendly young man who I thought I was having an innocent conversation about movies with, but in reality he was trying to get my number; Anakin Skywalker, a young man with short hair and a single long, thin braid who made Becky go up and buy him a drink with his money as some kind of backwards tactic to get her drunk; Handsy McGee, the Aussie who was nice to look at, but who "ear raped" and tackled me in a booth, and who suggested to Becky that they "find an alley," and tried to make out with her while Story McGee repeatedly told me he has ideas for novels but no time to write them; and Nightshift McGee, the one male member of the hostel staff that didn't try to get in either of our pants (of course, after Wednesday night we just avoided the hostel bar all together) and let us eat breakfast early because we had to catch a bus to Inverness to see Loch Ness.


Home on Wednesday!

Better entry tomorrow.
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go to youtube, search "beached as" and enjoy the wonders of a New Zealand accent. ;D

Last night made yesterday so much better. Becky and i went to a pub called the Red Lion with Kate and Lisa, our English flatmates, and when that closed (at 11 ;p) we headed to a pub called O'neill's that had a live band playing covers. It was so much fun. I have discovered that I love to dance, and while that has made clubbing appealing while I'm here, last night was by far the best because I got to dance to covers of Brian Adams, Pink Floyd, Oasis, and a bunch of other artists I can't name but I recognized their songs. And with three other classy ladies! And a whole bar full of pissed old men, some of which were doing the can-can. At the end of the night the last song was "Hey Jude" and we got pulled into a huge circle, arms-on-your-neighbors'-shoulders-style, rocking side to side... then jumping up and down. It was so cheesy, and yet so awesome.

Unfortunately, I have that nasty cough again. You might think, based on my entries, that I'm still sick because I'm out drinking every night, but you'd be wrong. I'm not "sick" per se- I feel awesome. I have energy, and brain power, and I'm out and about and happy as a clam all the time. I just have this annoying cough. Plus, the mornings after I'm NOT out drinking, my throat hurts again. How do you like them apples?

Anyway. Tonight we're going to try to cross off some more pubs from the Definitive Oxford Pub Crawl poster, then head down to the bit of the Thames that runs through Oxford and go for a nighttime stroll. It should be nice.

And yes, I'm still texting with the Texan Aeronaut, heheh.

OH and His Dark Materials the play will be playing at the Oxford Playhouse at the end of April!!! Yeeep! XD
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Wow, it's been a while since I posted... um, let's see... I've been to London six out of the past nine days; I saw a play there at the National Theatre last night called England People Very Nice, about immigration, it was good; there was this event called "Cowboys and Indians" at a club on Monday- I was a hybrid of country love and native america, lol, but so were the rest of my flatmates so it was all good... plus I got a guy's number...

BAHAHAHA that sounds so ridiculous coming from me.

But yes, it's true. And it gets better. He's from Texas (but voted for Obama!). In the air force. Studying aeroscience engineering at Oxford proper. Wants to be an astronaut. His favorite book is Dune. And he's writing a science fiction novel. I'm not sure how I feel about any of this of course, because I only talked to him for about 20 minutes, and we were both pretty drunk.

Most of that info I learned from text messages, cause, uh, we've been texting all day, each day, since he first texted me on Tuesday. LOL it's really very flattering, but also kind of awkward for me. I'm the serial monogamist, so I've never dated, and I have no idea what kind of weird mating rituals our generation (especially) has come up with, what with the advent of texting making the importance of the first phone call obsolete. All that I learned about dating in "He's just not that into you" is technically void because they didn't really take that into consideration.

Anyway. I just got another text. Heh.

So, I've been out every night since that night, to and from London twice, slept on floors and in strange beds (alone! don't go there ;p), and eaten way too much pub food and drank way too much beer, and I'm exhausted. But I've also made a handful of new friends from the Brockport program weekend, which is cool.

Tomorrow night is a Toga Party theme at the aforementioned club (Lava). I'm considering it. It's Super Heroes and Villains at another club on Thursday... I have no idea where to even begin making a costume for that without spending money- "tight and bright" was already a theme at Lava a few weeks ago, lol, not like any of that is in my wardrobe.

Ok. I'm tired. Good night.
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Everything happens for a reason... so why did I waste my time at the endocrinologist this morning?

Maybe it's not a waste. Maybe when I go for bloodwork this afternoon the tests will show something. But she didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about- she didn't really share her thoughts at all- I hate how cold and officious and distant allopathic doctors are. Meh. All she did was warn me that 10% of lumps like this are cancerous, so I should get an aspiration (NEEDLE THROUGH MY THROAT TO GET A SAMPLE, YUM!) just to be sure. Hells fucking no! You're lucky I'm willing to let you take my blood, frickin' leeches.

SO, I shouldn't jump to conclusions that I wasted my time. I don't have cancer, I know that. Maybe they will find something in the blood. The blood. THE BLOOOOOOD.

God i'm in a goofy mood ;p

ps: Laura made a fantastic dinner last night, and we and Sarah and Jenn saw Slumdog Millionaire (for the third time for me!!!) but we missed the first few minutes :( Sarah and Jenn, you MUST SEE IT AGAIN!!!

Plus there was a cute boy at the concessions with hot Buddhist tattoos... oh the irony of permanently inscribing symbols of a religion that promotes the ideas of impermanence!


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