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I think this new course of homeopathic is helping tremendously. Errything's excitin'!

-I OWE SARAH AND JENN MY FIRST BORN CHILD. They've helped me so much with my current WIP I cannot even begin to articulate. Endless, endless hours of me whining have been endured. But! I really think, honestly, something amazing is about to happen with this book. I figured out some major details just now (*ahem*googledocs*ahem*) thanks to Jenn and Sarah's insight last night! Eeee! The bad guys have clear, believable motivation! And I'm reinserting the soul of the story!!! Eeeee!!!

-Also, there is a dog/puppy. He is half pomeranian/half sheltie? terrier? something? and his name is Rusty (for now). He gets along with cats and dogs and is mostly housebroken. We're going to drive 1.5 hours on Monday to meet him!!! XD

ETA: This is the ONLY picture of Rusty they have! ADORBS! ;-;

And this is his very brief profile.

-I put on my big girl panties and sold some stock this morning. I'm doing a RESET on our finances that have been messed up since I made too big of a downpayment on our new car, and getting ahead so we can start implementing a weekly budget/allowance and be much better about spending less, and being more mindful of where our money is going. Which is exciting to me! Even though I hate numbers, I love budgeting :) I use to help me track my spending, and synch all my accounts, and it makes things so much easier!

-We have paint picked out for the bathroom. Now we just need the time to get the painting done! It's going to be a pain-- we'll have to move the toilet and sink--but I'm super excited to start making it a pretty, relaxing space instead of the neutral blah it is now.

That's it for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Ok, wrong season for that altered quote, but right whatevs.

What an odd weekend. Jared is here for good, though he still has a few car trips before he's completely moved-in. I think that's part of what is ungrounding about it- the not quite finished aspect of absolutely everything. Also, he's still waiting to hear from Heritage as to whether or not he got the job (cross you fingers plz!), and I know that's got to be rough for him- he's a Capricorn, and a dude, and if he's not being useful he feels useless. He's only been unemployed for 1 month since he was 15 years old though, so I think his ability to get and keep a job speaks for itself.

Anyway, what's awesome (besides everything) is that now that he's here it is SO MUCH EASIER to do just about EVERYTHING. Granted, it would have been easier months ago when most of the big decisions were being made (by me), but whateva, he's here now! The past week alone we've made appointments with various vendors, booked strings for the ceremony, a dj for the reception, picked out our wedding invitations, and made some crucial decisions about our wedding rings. Joy! :D I love it when things start to get done.

Tonight we are cake tasting, then I have to get shoes for my friend Zoe's wedding- I have a bridesmaid dress fitting tomorrow at 1:30, and must wear the shoes I'll be wearing for her wedding. I have no idea what color anyone else is wearing. Also tomorrow, we are starting swing dance lessons with my parents. This is a double hooray because Jared doesn't dance usually, but he wants to do this (!), and Zoe's wedding... well, she met her fiance at swing dance lessons. He was the INSTRUCTOR. So, pretty much, everyone at their wedding will be amazing swing dancers. It would be nice if Jared and I could at least rock-step by then ;D

Also also awesome, Jared is whisking me away to a secret place the weekend after my birthday! lol, the weekend after that is when I am secretly planning to whisk him away, so the end of May is blocked out. AND, also also also awesome, I'm finishing the edits on my freelance job tonight, so I'll have a sweet $500 in my pocket in a week or so. Meaning, I will be rollin' in It (it being cash moneys). (Ok, not really, but I feel like I am, and isn't that so much more important than actually rolling in it?)

So... what else? Not much I guess. It's just Monday :)

Have a great week everyone!
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I'm in such a good place right now. I'm not even overly ecstatic, but I can work myself up to it in very little time (probably by the end of this post). Things are just so good right now, in a peaceful-but-joyous kind of way.

I realized, for all my worrying and skimping when I was unemployed, I actually have quite a bit in my checking account, just sitting there. I'm not gonna go out an spend it all, but it's just so relaxing to suddenly realize that. I don't know why i didn't realize it before- maybe because when it's all I have it doesn't seem like so much, but when it's "extra" it's a lot? Actually, it's just because I changed my perspective. I changed my perspective, and everything changed. But now that I have money coming in, the small amount in my checking account looks huge, since it's not what I'm relying on to support myself.

Also, in two weeks I will be moving into the new apartment! How exciting. I've been resisting the nesting urge so far because I don't want to buy anything before we move, but the interior decorator inside of me is full to bursting with creativity. Paint colors, window fixtures and drapery ideas, furniture arrangement, a kitchen-window herb garden... heee so exciting. Moving is going to be a pain in the ass- we have a huge desk we bought from Sarah and Laura's place of work that will have to be picked up and then hauled up to the third floor where we'll be living. But all will work out, I'm sure. Besides, I already have it easy in that I'm just moving next door, and Jared's got it easy since he just doesn't have much stuff to move.

Also, we're talking about our honeymoon plans. We were originally thinking about Mexico, but realized that most of the tours are closed when we'd be looking to go. Now we're thinking about getting a B&B in New England somewhere near the coast, or maybe Vermont where we could go visit Ben & Jerry, haha. For serious. I've got a travel agent I've used before, it's probably time to give her a call again.

Ok. Off to work. Have a great Monday everyone!
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So I had this dream last night. I only remember parts of it, but here they are:

I am Egyptian. I am at a country club, and for whatever reason I need to change my clothes. I climb into the back of my Saturn station wagon (which I don't really own) and get nekkid, trying to hide while I dress, but small Indian children keep running up to the back window and peering in. I know they can't see me, so I'm goofing around with them and making them giggle. (Not the typical reaction to nakedness in a dream, right?)

Then I'm at a restaurant, a fantastic lebanese/american restaurant, with famous falafel nachos (do such things exist???) and some kind of dessert. I'm trying to order take-out, but the restaurant is filled with white people and they are all starring at me/ giving me a hard time/ hitting on me because I'm Egyptian.

Eventually I end up at home, which is a little apartment by the country club. I'm in England still, and I have envelopes full of British money because apparently people come to me to exchange. A man comes and wants exactly 9.77 pounds for his $10, which is not an equal exchange, but I offer him a full 10 pounds anyway, and he throws a fit. Enter a second man while we are arguing, and we all start to argue, and they're counting my money and I realize they're trying to scam me. We get into a physical fight, and I smoosh one of their faces with my hand until he passes out, and I don't remember what happens to the other guy but I win.

I don't know about the first parts, but the second seems to say even when I offer more than someone deserves they will try to get more out of me- but I don't take shit.

Why in the world was I Egyptian?



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