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So, okay I love it when it snows like it did last night. I wish I had a USB cable, I'd upload the pictures I took around my apartment building when I got home last night. It was the soft and fluffy kind of snow, where the sky is all pink and everything just seems embraced by the spirit of winter, and I actually like being in Buffalo in December because you just don't get snow this pretty anywhere else... ahh...

Anyway, things to do today:

-get some online x-mass/yule shopping done
-clean my apartment
-write write write (The Poppet and the Lune)!
-revise revise revise (The Hierophant)!
-print a second copy of above novel for Sarah (Diemer)
-draw my walk cycle for animation (so close to finishing the semester- only that and one exam left before I can really relax and celebrate)
-get three more submission packages in the mail for Renaissance
-Thank Gosh It's Over party tonight in the village. I hope more than just the writer's group shows up ;p

I'm really really really really really (really) excited about The Hierophant. Really. And I think the sequels are going to be just as awesome. It's my intention to have a final draft of that novel in submission by the end of the year. Oh yeah. Oh freakin' yeah baby I'm doing that. 3 novels in submission (ok, 2- I haven't submitted The Sins of the Guardians in a while cause I figure when I get picked up for a more marketable novel they'll publish that little piece of darkness based on my established fan-base [positive thinking!]. But maybe I'll submit it again soon. It's a lot of work keeping track of all these damn agents who've received or rejected what, or who claim to be taking submissions but really aren't ;p).

I am a novel-writing machine, and I love it!

::blissed out on stories::

Now, to productivity!


Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:56 am
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I heard back from the agent who requested more. Rejected again- but she actually gave feedback! Apparently, she doesn't like the way I jump in time- the prologue is "present" and the first two chapters are "past." I can dig that- I was always unsettled on the prologue, but I think it's a good way to start the book. But she did like the prologue because it has more action (that's because it's from the middle of the book...). So... it's good.

I've got mixed feelings on this- on the one hand I want to be objective, but on the other she says "there's more telling than showing (in the chapters)" when I think there's too much telling in the prologue. Hmm. Conflict.

Is she suggesting the first two chapters shouldn't be there? I don't think that'd work. That's where I feel I do the best showing- and there's a lot that needs to be shown. If the prologue draws you in, wouldn't you be willing to deal with a jump in time?

< grumble > Stephenie Meyer starts all her books with a scene from the middle that's pretty much exactly the same as when you come to it in the book. < /grumble > At least mine is from the M.C.'s perspective, which you don't get to read from again until the very last scene. When you come across the same scene later in the book there's a much different perspective on what happens.

I'm willing to edit my work. Perhaps another read is necessary? Not this month, but some time in the near future. Of course, as she even points out in her reply, publishing tastes vary widely so I shouldn't be discouraged. I'm not :)
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Yeah. Damn straight I'm not. Eat it Bright Eyes, cause those lyrics are supposed to be sad, but I am rocking them out right now.

The Lotus Children News: I've decided to start pitching Renaissance as a young adult novel, since the two main characters are 14 going on 15. I guess, because I never directly intended to write YA (until this recent series) that it made it hard for me to see my work as YA, but the more I think about it, the more I can accept it as such. I used to think YA was less worthwhile than adult lit, but then I realize that adolescents are people too. I should know, I was one. ;p Plus, I think adults can still relate to a lot of YA stuff out there. It's quality that counts, not target audience.

Teasing news: I have a secret that only one person knows about for now, and then the rest of you will know after Halloween ;p It involves... relative spontaneity. I'm sure you can guess what it is, anyway. I am a woman of flexible convictions ;D

Health news: Seeing as how the sleepiness is kicking in early this season, I'm test-driving a cleanse tomorrow through Thursday to see if I can boost my energy. If all goes well and I don't get all feebed-out on it, I'm gonna try to hang in for the first two weeks of November on this cleanse, and hopefully get rid of some toxic build-up from my predominantly Western lifestyle and reinforce my endocrine system so that my adrenal glands don't poop out in March again and leave me in a sad heap of Chronic Fatigue/potential mono relapse. "Cleanse during NaNo?" you might ask... well, if anything, having strict dietary restrictions will save me money, cause every time I'm out at a write-in I won't be able to buy a cookie to "make me feel better" if I'm stuck in my novel.

Writing news: Speaking of "stuck in my novel," I'm stuck. In my novel. Not really stuck," just... for some reason my brain doesn't want to confront the thing right now. It's a pain in the ass, cause it's all just a "mood" thing, but I'm usually so excited when I get to write... I don't get it. I fought through the "this novel is crap" stage using logic. I got through the "I write like crap" stage by going back and reading some of my formerly favorite parts (before I decided the whole thing sucked) and realizing I wrote it pretty well for a first draft actually. Now I'm at the "I am currently writing like crap" stage, and it's a form of psychosis that can't really be fought, only endured while you continue to write. Potentially like crap. Just remember: who cares? It's only a rough draft, and get on with it.

Self-discipline and I have never shared even the tiniest sliver on a venn diagram.

So... I guess... time to write?


Oct. 15th, 2008 10:16 am
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I sent out a query last for Renaissance night via email and got a request for 50 pages and a synopsis this morning! Score!

ps: I'm posting way too much lately ;p


Oct. 14th, 2008 03:29 pm
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So I got a rejection today from Marcia Amsterdam, and she sent back my original query which is not unusual. But, I noticed it was addressed to a different agent. (FAIL.) Which means that the other agent probably got her letter. (FAIL again.)


Oh well! There are still seven agents I haven't heard back from yet! And I have a membership to! And, these are only agents for sci-fi; I will try young adult if these don't work, and there is still the option of going directly to publishers, too. Hmm. Maybe I'll just start doing a little of both?


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