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So I had this dream last night. I only remember parts of it, but here they are:

I am Egyptian. I am at a country club, and for whatever reason I need to change my clothes. I climb into the back of my Saturn station wagon (which I don't really own) and get nekkid, trying to hide while I dress, but small Indian children keep running up to the back window and peering in. I know they can't see me, so I'm goofing around with them and making them giggle. (Not the typical reaction to nakedness in a dream, right?)

Then I'm at a restaurant, a fantastic lebanese/american restaurant, with famous falafel nachos (do such things exist???) and some kind of dessert. I'm trying to order take-out, but the restaurant is filled with white people and they are all starring at me/ giving me a hard time/ hitting on me because I'm Egyptian.

Eventually I end up at home, which is a little apartment by the country club. I'm in England still, and I have envelopes full of British money because apparently people come to me to exchange. A man comes and wants exactly 9.77 pounds for his $10, which is not an equal exchange, but I offer him a full 10 pounds anyway, and he throws a fit. Enter a second man while we are arguing, and we all start to argue, and they're counting my money and I realize they're trying to scam me. We get into a physical fight, and I smoosh one of their faces with my hand until he passes out, and I don't remember what happens to the other guy but I win.

I don't know about the first parts, but the second seems to say even when I offer more than someone deserves they will try to get more out of me- but I don't take shit.

Why in the world was I Egyptian?



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