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Just a reminder dear friends: if you would like to get a signed copy of The Hierophant, you can order it from my etsy shop: Unknown Press (which is what I DESPERATELY wanted to call myself as a publisher, but for some reason having your own ISBN [which allows you to give a specific publisher's name] makes you ineligible for library catalogs). If you order before June 18, you'll also get a free e-book version for your eReader device of choice! And it JUST MIGHT be in your inbox ealier than the 18th ;D

I'm so very, very proud of this book. I hope the world enjoys it :)
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Check out my latest blog update!

And if you don't have time for that, here she be! :D


What do you think? :D
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I think this new course of homeopathic is helping tremendously. Errything's excitin'!

-I OWE SARAH AND JENN MY FIRST BORN CHILD. They've helped me so much with my current WIP I cannot even begin to articulate. Endless, endless hours of me whining have been endured. But! I really think, honestly, something amazing is about to happen with this book. I figured out some major details just now (*ahem*googledocs*ahem*) thanks to Jenn and Sarah's insight last night! Eeee! The bad guys have clear, believable motivation! And I'm reinserting the soul of the story!!! Eeeee!!!

-Also, there is a dog/puppy. He is half pomeranian/half sheltie? terrier? something? and his name is Rusty (for now). He gets along with cats and dogs and is mostly housebroken. We're going to drive 1.5 hours on Monday to meet him!!! XD

ETA: This is the ONLY picture of Rusty they have! ADORBS! ;-;

And this is his very brief profile.

-I put on my big girl panties and sold some stock this morning. I'm doing a RESET on our finances that have been messed up since I made too big of a downpayment on our new car, and getting ahead so we can start implementing a weekly budget/allowance and be much better about spending less, and being more mindful of where our money is going. Which is exciting to me! Even though I hate numbers, I love budgeting :) I use to help me track my spending, and synch all my accounts, and it makes things so much easier!

-We have paint picked out for the bathroom. Now we just need the time to get the painting done! It's going to be a pain-- we'll have to move the toilet and sink--but I'm super excited to start making it a pretty, relaxing space instead of the neutral blah it is now.

That's it for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Apr. 10th, 2012 09:47 am
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So, Jared and I are currently obsessed with the show SUPERNATURAL. One of my favorite characters is an angel named Castiel, who I discovered by accident via tumblr is the angel of Thursday (which is hilarious to me). Today, out of curiosity, I started looking for the angels for the other days of the week, specifically Friday because that's the day I was born on, and found a website that had an angel assigned to each day of the year. So check this out.

For May 17th:

Kadiel, the angel of Friday, death, and rebirth
Associated Tarot card: THE HIEROPHANT


...or is this book going to destroy and rebuild me?



Jan. 31st, 2012 10:50 am
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I found this quote on accident, and it has given me the answers to my scariest questions about The Arcana series.

"Remembering speechlessly we seek the great forgotten language, the lost lane-end into heaven, a stone, a leaf, an unfound door." - Thomas Wolfe

I'm... I'm just... This is the epiphany I knew was coming.

The magic is back.
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I love/hate it when you look at something you wrote a little while back, something that at the time you thought was trite/contrived/overall terrible, and now you realize "holy shit, that's actually really good."

Having that moment today with the re-starts I wrote for The Hierophant. :p

But it's all good! It's cemented a few things I was on the fence about before:

-I am doing a total re-write
-it is going to be in third person, present
-I'm re-defining the mythology of the world so that it's a bit more cohesive
-I'm getting rid of a lot of junk that was ultimately unnecessary to have in there
-It's becoming more of the epic modern fantasy that I want it to be rather than the spiteful "yeah anyone can write a self-indulgent teenage fantasy S. Meyer, but I can do it better, with a heroine who isn't a terrible, useless piece of bland that needs a man to believe she's worth anything!"

So, it's all shaping up quite nicely. Just thought I'd share ;)

Oh, also, TPaL is still being read by the editors in NY. I have mixed feelings about it, given my gung-ho feelings towards self publishing these days. I definitely don't not want to be traditionally published, but I'm not going to do it if they tell me can't self publish other things in the meantime, especially if it's work that they don't want to publish.

Lol not like I expect what's happening in NY to really result in an offer of anything, but it would be "totes" ironic, also the universe saying "i told you so" about having to be really okay with it not happening before it can happen :p
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One of the agents I queried on Monday has requested the first 50 pages of The Hierophant!

My query isn't even that good!

But my doctor says I need to get an ultrasound of my thyroid!

I don't care, I is happeh! I've got medical insurance, and miracles of modern and ancient medicine, and I've got the knowledge that I'm living my dreams, and anything is possible!



Edited to add: Um, also, I just got my ticket in the mail for my flight from JFK to Heathrow (London).

Can my brain explode now with how awesome life is??? Wait, no. Cause this is what life is supposed to be- endless blissful opportunities and gifts from the Universe...

Still, I think I'll do a little happy dance. ;D
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So, as some of you might know/remember, my friend Laura is moving into my apartment soon, and will be subletting it from me at a $100 discount (for watching my cats and doing me a hella favor by subletting to begin with!) while I'm in Oxford. Now, I don't live like a complete pig, but I have a tendency to operate within a piling system, as opposed to a filing system- my filing cabinet, actually, has most of its files piled on top of it instead of hanging inside of it.

Needless to say, that won't work with a roomy, so I spent most of today cleaning my apartment. I feel like I hardly got anything done, though- sure, you can see the kitchen counter now, and the linen closet in the bathroom is organized (kind of) for the first time ever, and my dresser is cleared of all the clothes that I'd strewn atop it. But I still feel like the place is a mess. I think it has a lot to do with the cords all around me, and stacks of books, and half-arranged nick-knacks. Plus the pile of recyclables waiting to be taken downstairs (it's such a schlep from the 3rd floor that I think I've only bothered maybe 4 times since I moved in here).

But it's all coming together. I'm really excited about it, actually. I'm getting rid of a lot of things (like clothes that I haven't worn in ages, or things I've held onto because they have some funny memory attached to them, but really they only get in the way of having a clean apartment because I never actually DO anything with them, just move them around to different piles of crap), packing up other things for storage, and hopefully making this place a bit more "zen," or at least more accessible to Laura when she comes.

What else? Oh, yes, I submitted email query letters for The Hierophant to seven agents last night! I got two rejections already, but that's okay! They obviously weren't the right agents for me :) I feel a little sneaky about it because I'm not entirely done with my revisions, but they're going so smoothly, and to be honest there wasn't much that needed to be done! This novel was me channeling Divine Inspiration- it's not flawless, but it's pretty damn amazing for a first draft.

I feel very grateful today :)
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So, okay I love it when it snows like it did last night. I wish I had a USB cable, I'd upload the pictures I took around my apartment building when I got home last night. It was the soft and fluffy kind of snow, where the sky is all pink and everything just seems embraced by the spirit of winter, and I actually like being in Buffalo in December because you just don't get snow this pretty anywhere else... ahh...

Anyway, things to do today:

-get some online x-mass/yule shopping done
-clean my apartment
-write write write (The Poppet and the Lune)!
-revise revise revise (The Hierophant)!
-print a second copy of above novel for Sarah (Diemer)
-draw my walk cycle for animation (so close to finishing the semester- only that and one exam left before I can really relax and celebrate)
-get three more submission packages in the mail for Renaissance
-Thank Gosh It's Over party tonight in the village. I hope more than just the writer's group shows up ;p

I'm really really really really really (really) excited about The Hierophant. Really. And I think the sequels are going to be just as awesome. It's my intention to have a final draft of that novel in submission by the end of the year. Oh yeah. Oh freakin' yeah baby I'm doing that. 3 novels in submission (ok, 2- I haven't submitted The Sins of the Guardians in a while cause I figure when I get picked up for a more marketable novel they'll publish that little piece of darkness based on my established fan-base [positive thinking!]. But maybe I'll submit it again soon. It's a lot of work keeping track of all these damn agents who've received or rejected what, or who claim to be taking submissions but really aren't ;p).

I am a novel-writing machine, and I love it!

::blissed out on stories::

Now, to productivity!
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I got the rough drafts of Midnight Estates and The Hierophant printed at Kinko's today (I actually got a free extra copy of ME because they printed the first one wrong! Maybe I'll let someone read it, even though it's missing a bazillion scenes), and boy do I feel accomplished. I'm actually really excited to read through The Hierophant- just flipping through a few pages, and glancing at the writing while I did spell check during sound class this morning, made me remember how much fun it was to write that draft. I loved it then. I think I'm falling back in love with it. Yay for that!

Any hoo- just sayin'.

Now, I am getting off the internet and starting "The Poppet and the Lune," and yes I've decided to write it as a serial fairy tale. If I can.

Wish me luck!


Nov. 3rd, 2008 06:56 pm
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I just finished my first draft of The Hierophant. I'm not happy with the way it turned out. I know, I know, it's writer psychosis, but it's happening, so there. :P

This draft is the second longest thing I've ever written: over 144,000 words. Much of it will have to be condensed, i'm sure. Or thrown out completely. Meh.

This is not a good mood to begin my NaNo in.
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Hmmm. Where to begin about how amazing this holiday weekend was...

Halloween! )

NaNoWriMo Day 1 / Samhain / All Saints Day :P )

Dia de los Muertos / Writing! )

There's too much crap to do this week, and not enough time to just sit down and write. But I'll get it all done.

I'm so close to finishing another novel. Well, a draft, but still.

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I went on a cleaning rampage instead of confronting writing the end of The Hierophant. I vacuumed; took down the recycling; cleaned my desk; cleaned the kitchen; cleaned the bathroom (mostly); hung a shelving thing and put a hook in the wall to hang my jewelry from; cleaned off the dining room table; did two loads of laundry- well, I still have a load of laundry in the dryer right now :p - and did not write a single word in that god damn draft. On the plus side, my sink (and counter, and stove, and other kitchen surafces) full of dirty dishes won't be getting in the way when I kick off National Novel Writing Month on Saturday!

Oi. I'm really screwed here, for two reasons: 1) I need to finish this novel before I start NaNoWriMo, for which I only have the vaguest idea anyway because I haven't had time to brainstorm as much as I'd have liked, and come 4-ish tomorrow I'm done. Meeting the ladies in Billsville- tattoos at 5pm sharp (haha- sharp, as in needles); and 2) I don't really know how it ends. I know what happens to the characters... but the details on the actual climax are a little fuzzy. I feel like the whole climax is pretty much the last five chapters of the book :/

Oh, sure, I could just write it with the same faith that I wrote the rest of the draft with- faith that the Universe will point me the right way, or the characters will take over when I'm leading them astray (hey that rhymes). But, no, that'd be the easy way out.

Heh. Last night, Trebor and Ana staged a coup.

Arrrrg I'm gonna finish this thing, damn it! 'Nuff of this insecurity B.S. Universe, show me the way!
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Yeah. Damn straight I'm not. Eat it Bright Eyes, cause those lyrics are supposed to be sad, but I am rocking them out right now.

The Lotus Children News: I've decided to start pitching Renaissance as a young adult novel, since the two main characters are 14 going on 15. I guess, because I never directly intended to write YA (until this recent series) that it made it hard for me to see my work as YA, but the more I think about it, the more I can accept it as such. I used to think YA was less worthwhile than adult lit, but then I realize that adolescents are people too. I should know, I was one. ;p Plus, I think adults can still relate to a lot of YA stuff out there. It's quality that counts, not target audience.

Teasing news: I have a secret that only one person knows about for now, and then the rest of you will know after Halloween ;p It involves... relative spontaneity. I'm sure you can guess what it is, anyway. I am a woman of flexible convictions ;D

Health news: Seeing as how the sleepiness is kicking in early this season, I'm test-driving a cleanse tomorrow through Thursday to see if I can boost my energy. If all goes well and I don't get all feebed-out on it, I'm gonna try to hang in for the first two weeks of November on this cleanse, and hopefully get rid of some toxic build-up from my predominantly Western lifestyle and reinforce my endocrine system so that my adrenal glands don't poop out in March again and leave me in a sad heap of Chronic Fatigue/potential mono relapse. "Cleanse during NaNo?" you might ask... well, if anything, having strict dietary restrictions will save me money, cause every time I'm out at a write-in I won't be able to buy a cookie to "make me feel better" if I'm stuck in my novel.

Writing news: Speaking of "stuck in my novel," I'm stuck. In my novel. Not really stuck," just... for some reason my brain doesn't want to confront the thing right now. It's a pain in the ass, cause it's all just a "mood" thing, but I'm usually so excited when I get to write... I don't get it. I fought through the "this novel is crap" stage using logic. I got through the "I write like crap" stage by going back and reading some of my formerly favorite parts (before I decided the whole thing sucked) and realizing I wrote it pretty well for a first draft actually. Now I'm at the "I am currently writing like crap" stage, and it's a form of psychosis that can't really be fought, only endured while you continue to write. Potentially like crap. Just remember: who cares? It's only a rough draft, and get on with it.

Self-discipline and I have never shared even the tiniest sliver on a venn diagram.

So... I guess... time to write?


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