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One exam down, two more to go.
I'm buying myself dinner tomorrow night to celebrate- if I don't feel utterly depressed when I leave my math exam. It'll be a lonely celebration. But that's okay, because I'll probably get take out, so I can be lonely all alone. Just kidding. I just wanted to say the "lonely all alone" part. I rather dislike constant companionship anyway. I will sit and listen to Dashboard Confessionals and dye my hair black while I eat vegan indian food and update my myspace profile so that the "I'm here for" heading declares "reaching new levels of bleakness and disappointment."
Just kidding again!
Except for the indian food. I will probably be eating vegetable tempura and daahl palak ::drool::
I did dye my hair last night, but it wasn't black. and it didn't really come out- at all. I dyed it ash blonde hoping to get some highlights or something, and I think it worked at the roots of my hair a little, but two people said my hair looked a lot darker today than usual. meh. I suppose semipermanent dyes aren't the best route for lightening one's hair... but I have a fear of commitment.
ehh... The Bean is puking again... :s

(this was a weird and pointless entry)

my dear

May. 7th, 2006 12:21 pm
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well it certainly has been a musical weekend. I have 3 new cds to listen to: Pollock, Mit City, and the Duper Sessions. Pollock's CD release party was Friday- and it was awesome. Juxtaposse opened, then Mit City, a totally sweet two piece band from Toronto (it's 3 piece on the CD). Ben Folds was last night, and that was pretty awesome as well. Gymnasiums are bad places for concerts though- the accoustics are terrible.
I think The Bean is doing better- I got her to eat Friday, but she threw it up. She's keeping it down now, and she's still drinking water which is a good sign. She's a bit more lively today. I hope it's just a seasonal thing; my mom's cats haven't been eating much either. It wouldn't concern me so much, except that this happened 5 years ago but she just wouldn't eat at all and we had to take her to the vet and she had to stay over night on an IV and they didn't think she was going to make it, and then we had to force feed her baby food for a month and give her homeopathic remedies. She turned yellow then, though- her ears and tongue did, anyway. So far no yellow. That's good. Anyway, she has a vet appointment for the 24th so hopefully Dr. Lankenau will know what's up.
Aight. Time to study. For real.
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Captain's Log:

The Bean is no longer an angry kitty, and therefore her liver is no longer surrounded by fatty tumors. Diagnosis: The Bean is happy. She's actually thin! I don't remember the last time she was so small.

I guess I'm a few days late, but I finally planted the seeds I got a few weeks ago. I also potted a lavender plant. Hopefully I didn't mess it up (you'd think that having worked at a greenhouse I might know what I'm doing... but I probably don't :P)

I'm working on My Book... it's slow going, but it's going. I guess the other books are so action packed and exciting, Book 1 seems pretty slow. It's so introductory though: all the characters and governments and alliances and religions and the general modern culture has to be shown without making it one giant boring "info dump." I'm glad I decided to add Denzel to the picture right off, however. It would have never sat well with me to throw him in in Book 4, even though technically his presence would have been plausable, it just feels more real and more like his character to have a hand in things from the beginning. Which he does, more than he realizes. The scene I'm currently working on involves Tabitha Hunter (see, the books are so huge I probably never even mentioned her here before, but she's an important part of the story: portal between worlds, renegade queen, mother of the last members of a dying race, and the reason Denzel is in our universe...) and Leila thinking she might be the vile sorceror she's been sent to kill. We all know she's wrong of course, but the psychology of it is important. If she thinks she has a lead part of her will want to prove it true rather than look for someone else.

Anyway! Enough talking about it. I'm gonna go do it.

(Day 11 of Maddie being in a really awesome mood)
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Well, another xmas has come and gone, anti-climactic and vague once again. It was a good time, but weird. We spent a good half hour on the phone with Adam before opening gifts, and then speaker phoned it up when we opened his gifts to us that he fedexed the week before. All in all, it was the best christmas ever besides last, when adam and karen were both here. But this year, we cut back the gifts a LOT and i was glad to find I recieved absolutely nothing that I didn't want or know I will never use. I think everyone enjoyed the gifts I gave them. It's always hard to tell, and I always feel like I could have done better, even though I try. I'm just not a very creative gift giver. Or if I am, I begin to suspect it's a stupid gift soon before giving it anyway.
Well, I'm at the apartment. I spent all day today scrubbing and cleaning and destroying my fingers. Tonight will be my second night here, and The Bean's. I'm picking up a free internet signal from one of my neighbors! hehehe. It's actually a lot faster than the connection at home, so huzzah. Mmm spring rolls.
Speaking of The Bean, I haven't seen her since Essier (not an typo) was here earlier. I bet she's in a closet somewhere.
I got the BBC production of Neverwhere from Scott!! YAY! Let's go watch it!


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