Sep. 17th, 2010 03:18 pm
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So, originally I had decided not to go with an arbor for the ceremony. Why? Don't take this the wrong way if you had one at your wedding, because I think arbors are beautiful... but I didn't want one because I'm just not like that. I'm not the kind of girl who is going to have what everyone else has at their wedding. Not because I've GOT TO BE DIFFERENT, but because I like to work outside the norm. There's more freedom there. I'm the kind of girl who will slap a wedding together with no real coherent theme, and let a style evolve out of the tacky wallpaper in the background of the goofy save-the-date photo. (this is how it all happened)

But I realized recently that one of the primary functions of an arbor that people don't realize at first glance is to define the space. It's not just standing there looking pretty, but actually framing the event. It's visual psychology, and as an artist I would be remiss to ignore its impact. So, I had an idea for a kind of arbor I would like, and set out to find it... but to no avail.

My mother asked my father if he could build it, because he was handy enough to build two decks and a pergola in their back yard, but he doesn't like the idea. So he goes on google image search, and comes back with this:

Essentially, it's a square piece of fabric held up by four posts. It's also called a "chuppah," a canopy for a bride and groom in a Jewish wedding ceremony. Jared isn't Jewish. My dad's side of the family is, and I have always found their customs beautiful. I had wanted to incorporate something into our ceremony, but felt it might be offensive since I'm not a practicing Jew.

But the chuppah... I took one look at that picture, and fell in love. And the fact that my father is going to build it for me makes my cold little heart all squishy. ;-;

more chuppah pictures! )

I'm so excited. Marriage!!!!! :D
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-bad news first: the freelance job I did is becoming a problem. The contract states that payment is to be delivered upon receiving the edited manuscript and critique. The guy claims he mailed it out immediately, last Wednesday, but I haven't gotten it yet. It could be lost in the mail, but I email him Tuesday and he hasn't gotten back to me. So, I emailed him today and told him if i didn't hear from him by Monday I'd be sending an invoice... I'm trying to envision a positive resolution, but my instinct tells me he's pissed I didn't think his manuscript was ready for publication, and he's trying to get away with not paying me. Bleh. Oh well, I have a signed contract. Small claims would suck, but I'm not going to let him walk all over me because he's a wounded artist.

-Now for Good News: My brother's surgery went well yesterday, thank you all who wished him well! We won't know until next weekend, when the packing is removed, what the hearing situation will be, but the doctor has very high hopes! I found out they took a skin graft from his fore arm and one from behind his ear in order to rebuild everything. WEIRD.

-I have never really stopped loving The Poppet and the Lune, ever since the night I developed the characters in a small coffee shop, in Batavia, NY, with one Sarah Diemer to inspire and cheer me on. It has been a deeply rooted love, though not one so passionate as I've had with others. When we first met, I could hardly wait to begin writing it. And then I did, but then I left the country, and life was so new and strange... and TPaL was there for me, journeyed with me to foreign lands, and foreign coffee shops. TPaL kept the artist in me alive when the rest of me just wanted to drink and dance and go on adventures. And when I came home, things were new and strange again. TPaL wanted me to keep my chin up, to stay excited, but it was hard. I grew distant from TPaL, and even though it was always there, smiling, supporting me, leaving the lights on and the door open, I didn't feel worthy of writing it. I would come back now and then, and try. But each writing session was short, and I knew it wasn't the best it could be. TPaL didn't care. TPaL never judged me. TPaL said "it's okay to write first drafts. It's okay to take time off." Slowly, I began to see TPaL more regularly. There were things about TPaL that I loved, but I didn't understand. Those things began to clarify, and my excitement grew. I wanted TPaL, to be with it, to write it, to pour my soul into it as I once had, but there wasn't time... until Morning Writing began. And now, we are like a happily married couple, newly weds, still flush with young romance, still eager to see each other every day. The commitment is stronger than ever, even though we only see each other an hour a day, five days a week, for our AM rendezvous. And the love is pure, and healthy, and healing.

In other words: I am so happy writing TPaL lately :)

-Jared is going to Syracuse tonight, so I have tonight and Saturday to myself. After I finish unpacking (FINALLY) I think I'll go get the rest of the fabric I need and start to cover the pillows for the love seat. Maybe I'll watch a movie with the kittehs, who will no doubt be after my needle and thread. I'm going to miss my behbeh until Saturday night :c

-Sunday I'm meeting with my friend Amy, who's going to do a test-run on my wedding makeup! hee hee fun! I don't wear a lot of make up usually, so the main challenge is going to be finding a balance between making it worthwhile to have someone do my makeup, and not making me look too made-up, lol.

That's about it folks! Have a fantastic weekend!

ETA: Yay freelance client just emailed and said he'd mail out my payment today. I'm choosing to believe him, because I have faith in humanity ;D


May. 4th, 2010 02:34 pm
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1.) Invitations are in the process of being ordered! Found a lovely print on Etsy for a decent price. Now we're just hammering out some details, but the deposit has been paid and we're rollin'!

2.) We've booked Butterwood for our wedding cake, because their cake was so good even I loved it, and even Jared, who doesn't like cake and especially doesn't like chocolate cake, said "this chocolate cake is amazing!" Also, their staff are friendly. Certain other places were bitches. Straight up. So, decided so far: chocolate cake with bittersweet dark chocolate filling, chocolate buttercream frosting and a chocolate ganache; three tier, square cakes at angles. There will be flowers. Mmmm!

3.) I finished my editing job and sent it out in the mail today! Hooray! I think I did a good job, and gave him a truly encouraging critique, even though it might be a blow to hear someone say it's not ready for publication :/ But I was encouraging.

4.) We're staring swing dancing tonight with my parents!

5.) And last but not least:


Yaaaaaaay! XD XD XD No poverty for us, lol! And no more stress and worry for him. What a relief! He starts Monday, too, which gives him a few more days to relax and settle in.

So, good times!

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Ok, wrong season for that altered quote, but right whatevs.

What an odd weekend. Jared is here for good, though he still has a few car trips before he's completely moved-in. I think that's part of what is ungrounding about it- the not quite finished aspect of absolutely everything. Also, he's still waiting to hear from Heritage as to whether or not he got the job (cross you fingers plz!), and I know that's got to be rough for him- he's a Capricorn, and a dude, and if he's not being useful he feels useless. He's only been unemployed for 1 month since he was 15 years old though, so I think his ability to get and keep a job speaks for itself.

Anyway, what's awesome (besides everything) is that now that he's here it is SO MUCH EASIER to do just about EVERYTHING. Granted, it would have been easier months ago when most of the big decisions were being made (by me), but whateva, he's here now! The past week alone we've made appointments with various vendors, booked strings for the ceremony, a dj for the reception, picked out our wedding invitations, and made some crucial decisions about our wedding rings. Joy! :D I love it when things start to get done.

Tonight we are cake tasting, then I have to get shoes for my friend Zoe's wedding- I have a bridesmaid dress fitting tomorrow at 1:30, and must wear the shoes I'll be wearing for her wedding. I have no idea what color anyone else is wearing. Also tomorrow, we are starting swing dance lessons with my parents. This is a double hooray because Jared doesn't dance usually, but he wants to do this (!), and Zoe's wedding... well, she met her fiance at swing dance lessons. He was the INSTRUCTOR. So, pretty much, everyone at their wedding will be amazing swing dancers. It would be nice if Jared and I could at least rock-step by then ;D

Also also awesome, Jared is whisking me away to a secret place the weekend after my birthday! lol, the weekend after that is when I am secretly planning to whisk him away, so the end of May is blocked out. AND, also also also awesome, I'm finishing the edits on my freelance job tonight, so I'll have a sweet $500 in my pocket in a week or so. Meaning, I will be rollin' in It (it being cash moneys). (Ok, not really, but I feel like I am, and isn't that so much more important than actually rolling in it?)

So... what else? Not much I guess. It's just Monday :)

Have a great week everyone!
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Ok, so update on life:

-Got the living room/dining room and bedroom painted Friday night/Saturday morning/Sunday morning. The bedroom is this amazing shade of bright slate blue called "Viking." I heart it
-Got most of my furniture and crap moved in, although there's still a bunch of stuff at Laura's apartment I need to grab (I got a bunch of it last night, but i'm so sore and tired...). By the end of the week I'll have it all. Much of it will be going into storage or to my parents for the garage sale in late May
-Jared and I set up the loveseat and chairs and stuff in the living room Sunday night, and it looks perty
-I brought the cats over last night. They seem to be adjusting well, although Luke was hiding this morning.

-I'm in the process of researching and requesting quotes from string trios for the ceremony. They's 'spensive!
-Also, cake-tasting tonight. However, if this place doesn't have anything awesome we're just going to do fancy pies and brownies I think.
-With a Jareth and Sarah "cake" topper
-Jared is in charge of contacting DJs this week. We'll see... he's just as insanely busy as I am, but with less of a reality on how we needed that booked LAST MONTH

-I'm still writing every morning, from 8-9! In fact, I'm making sure I get to work at 8 so that I can write from 8 right up until 9, instead of 8 to 8:45.
-TPaL is coming along great. I'm so happy with this project! My only concern is small, and that's how to pitch it to an agent when I'm done (since the chapters are so short, and mostly adults read it, but it could be considered even Middle Grade fiction)
-I think a major re-write of The Hierophant is coming up. I have a new vision of Ana's character that would make her more interesting, and realistic I think.

-The Expo went OK, we sold 5 Bokashi bins in total. Composting seems to be a buzz thing with the green movement, since people have been hearing about it for years
-The Green Buffalo site ( is up and running, and is relatively done...
-Just putting the finishing touches on my mother's e-book, "Introduction to Being Well: An Empowering Guide to Natural Health" and designing a cover, then figuring out how to make it downloadable.
-I have to put the phone number on the site soon, which means fielding phone calls... bleh

-I'm madly in love
-Jared will be LIVING WITH ME IN BUFFALO by May 1st
-I have a secret surprise in store for him that involves $100 in Marriott gift certificates that I got from credit card reward points, and kidnapping him for a weekend
-We're getting new phones on Thursday- I finally get to join the 21st century and update my facebook status from my phone! lol

And that is all for now. I am exhausted and must drink pots of coffee now.
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-I'm moving right along building the web site for The Green Buffalo, my parents' new business venture in the world of all-natural lifestyles. We've got a table booked at the Buffalo Niagara Green Expo; we had our logo spruced up by Laura, and now it's on its way to a screen printer so that we can have t-shirts in time for the expo. We're going to try and hire some salespeople there, and pique interest in our products.

-In the mail yesterday I received a signed contract, $50 money order (as down payment), and a flash drive from the man whose novella I will be editing/proofreading. I've got 6 weeks to do it on top of everything else, but I'll do it. And I'll get another $450 for it! :D (*note to self, re-post add on craigslist)

-I was doing theoretical budgets last night, and I realized that I am quite comfortable at the moment. When Jared's here and paying his half of the rent, I'll be easily independent, while still capable of contributing to paying off his student loans, saving for vacations, and just saving in general. Nice! also, I realized I've got quite a bit of money in the bank... shows how much attention I pay to my bank statements...

-All that worrying I did just a few weeks ago is so embarrassing right now; life is shaping up so nicely. The Universe provides! Maybe it's springtime, or maybe it's the flow of energy into so many different areas of my life, but I feel more powerful and determined than ever. And at the same time, almost care-free. I have things I want. I want to lose my winter weight, and little more before the wedding; I want to write more; I want a publishing contract; I want to travel more. But I'm content just imagining it, fantasizing about it, and really enjoying the place I'm at right now. There's so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to.

-Met with the florist/old family friend this morning to discuss flowers for the wedding. So overwhelming! All the pretty flowers = too many choices. I've decided on a general shape (medium-small-ish, somewhat cascading) for the bouquet, and wildflowers for the tables, but thank god we've got plenty of time before a decision has to be made. Oi! Weddings.

-Jared's thinking about getting a pet rat soon. I love all animals, but it's been a while since I've had a bond with one of the rodent variety. Maybe there's a lesson waiting to be learned in this future rat. But anyway, do any of you know of "squeak-free wheels" or cures for squeaky wheels? Cause I will hear it all night long and never sleep again if the rat has a squeaky wheel.

Joy! :D
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By popular demand, here is the dress I will be wearing on The Big Day: I highly recommend using the zoom feature to check out the gorgeous details on the bodice!

Note however that I am not a model, and thus the dress looks better on me because i actually have curves ;D

Also, a "real" engagement ring has been ordered and is on it's way. Jared insisted that he get me something nicer than a plastic vending machine ring that rusts. I'm hoping he'll do a second proposal, somewhere odd, like Lowes or the meat section at the grocery store, lol.

I put down a down payment for the photographer! ( We talked today, and she sounds so nice! Jared and I are going to take a mini vacation in June to NYC to do an engagement photoshoot and have dinner with Punam so that we can all get to know each other. From what I've seen she's a real artist, and it will be fun working with her I think. However, my Dad had a mini heart attack when he heard what her fee is and began questioning my efforts. No one seems to acknowledge the fact that I've been researching these things since October when Jared and I first said we were planning on getting married. Also, as an artist myself, my eye is much more critical than many people's, and I am more than willing to skimp in some areas of the budget if it means that 50 years from now we're going to have an amazing photo album from our wedding (who's going to remember what the favors were, or how good the DJ was? :p). Also important to note: my mother initially approved of the cost, and my father has a tendency to be cheap.

Anyway, tonight my mission is to type up a list of everything that needs to be done, in the order in which it needs to be done, and then I'm going to email it to my mother, father, Jared, and Sarah my maid of honor. I need to delegate. First I will ask for volunteers, however.

OK off to have a glass of wine. Maybe I will actually sleep tonight!
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Well well well, it's been some time, hasn't it?

-First, I'm back to regular posts in The Poppet and the Lune! Yaaay! Tuesdays only unfortunately, as I've been too busy with the excitement and wonder of LIFE to have time to get much of a cushion written.

-The venue is booked, and the dress is ordered! Holy crap were those two things difficult to find and stressful to not have decided on. Timing is everything in planning a wedding, and I guess since our wedding is in August we were cutting it pretty close on both! We'll be getting married on August 21st (my eldest brother's birthday :p), 2010, at the Lockport Locks, which does cruises up and down the Erie Canal. It'll be an outdoor ceremony and reception, including a cocktail hour on a boat! :D And the dress... omg the dress. I tried it on a few weeks ago actually, the first time I tried on wedding dresses, but because of the price I was unsure. Since we got a deal on the venue, however, the dress was no problem! It's gorgeous, kind of lacy/vintagey, kind of modern. Surprisingly, it's strapless (I generally don't do strapless) but my hair will be down so even if there were straps they'd be covered by my hair. Also, it has a lace-up back ;D

-I'm having a phone conference with the potential photographer ( who is a bit pricey, but her work is fabulous and we're more than willing to skimp on something else to have the best pictures we can get. 50 years from now we're not going to remember what we used in the flower arrangements, but we'll have amazing photographs!

-Didn't get the job at Geico, but I have a few other prospects still. Local folks, if you know of any job opportunities please don't hesitate to let me know...

-Going crazy now that the holidays have passed. Jared and I are back to seeing each other less than 3 days a week, and we've gotten spoiled by lots of 3 or 4 day weekends. I cannot wait for him to move out here. Of course, I need to get a job first, but that is going to happen soon. (Right Universe? Right Maddie.) Then, life can get kind of normal, as in I won't be busy every weekend from now to forever.

That's about it!


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