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Holy wow batman I am like never on here. I dislike that. I want to update more, but life, work... sigh.

Life is good though. I've been feeling wonderful the past few weeks, trusting the universe, appreciating all the blessings that have been bestowed to me. We close on our house the week of the 22nd (I can't believe it's so close!) and we move that weekend. Hopefully we'll have time to get in there and paint at least the ground floor before we move our stuff in. Packing is not happing as quickly as I'd like, but it's hard. First we need to get boxes, second we need to have a place for boxes once they're full. And for some reason it doesn't work out that you can use the space that the boxed things once utilized. Huh.

In other news, I love my husband so much. I'm not a big gusher, but I have just been oozing love for him lately. Maybe it's because I'm watching my older brother go through a rough divorce, and maybe it's because this whole year has had me really focused on family, but I am just so happy and in love. And buying a house with him is a whole new adventure (hopefully to be followed by the adventure of getting a dog together this Christmas!), and I am so excited for it. For a lot of things, actually.

I have this plan, see (so long as the economy doesn't collapse). I have all this money in the stock market that I never use for anything. Over the years it's always been "you'll want to use that for [insert major purchase] some day!" but, hell, we just bought a house and didn't use it. So. A while back I figured out that if I could somehow make an extra $100/week outside of my day job, and have it not take up much time, then I could go back to part time at work, and I could have extra time for writing. I have more than enough money in stocks (at the moment) to liquidate some, enough to give me $100/week for a full year. I can go part time for a full year.

That means I will have a whole year to really focus on my writing, my marketing, my everything to do with my real career. Plus I will have the added bonus of a structure that forces me to wake up in the morning, and reminds me why I shouldn't slack off on writing.

So, that's amazing. :D

And of course, there is always the possibility that TPaL will take off in sales one day and I'll make lots of money from that. XD

What else. Oh, I discovered a site called where you can request egalleys for free! I've gotten about 10 books from them sent to my kindle! AND right before I signed up for netgalley I had ordered 3 books from Amazon which arrived today, so I'm rolling in reading material, and loving the hell out of it. Mmmm stories...

Speaking of stories, I'm still writing The Tower every day. And loving the hell out of it, too. It's unfolding in this magical, soft, dark, breathtaking way that I could have never expected it to. It gives me chills sometimes, just thinking about it. I love these books so much. I can't wait to see what happens next.

So yay for life!

Have an awesome weekend :)
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Hmm. There's been a lot on my mind lately. First off, Scott and Carin had the baby on Saturday night: Aiden Michael Collins, 5lbs some ounces, 18 inches, 6 weeks premature- but all is well. That's mind-blowing in and of itself, even though I've known she was preggers since September.

Also, there's been drama on my mind in strange ways. I'm not personally offended, though I'm personally involved in it, but it has allowed me to clarify what I really want out of friendship. I've had a rocky time on that dynamic my whole life, in weird ways, just like now. I taught myself early to stop judging people so harshly or jumping to conclusions, or making drama where there is none, and I think that's why it pisses me off even more when people do those things to me. But I don't need to go around proving anything to anyone- as long as I know my intentions are good, all the neigh-sayers can fuck off (pardon my language).

Of course, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

And I'm semi-blocked on The Tower. Little details are holding me back, plus a crazy schedule of family junk and cleaning and holiday stuff. Those are all pathetic excuses, I'm well aware. Tomorrow I will just have to make the god damn time and sit down and restart. Well, I'm keeping the prologue, but restarting chapter 1. Yes.

And, sometimes I get into these weird moods where I think my writing isn't worthwhile because it's just a lot of fantastical bull shit... I always hear people (especially in my family) discussing literature, and it makes me feel like I'm not a real writer or something. I feel commercial. Yeah, I wanna sell my books, but I'm not writing to please an audience... am I? I can't tell. I can't tell if I have any depth in my writing, or if when I say it's the next "Twilight" it really is...

Meh. Life is still awesome. I made a sweet gingerbread house Mt. Olympus with Sarah P. tonight, unofficially winning the contest I had with my family (though no one judged, so there was no real winner, just a lot of people saying they liked ours the best!). Laura and Tad (her kitteh) are moving in tomorrow, which means about a month of adventures await us ;D I played in the snow today for the first time in years! I made a snow angel :)

And I'm making a preemptive new year's resolution to re-discover the inner health nut in me. Does anyone else remember when I worked at Feel Rite and sugar was a curse word in my world? I literally did not eat sugar or sugar substitutes except on holidays and birthdays for years. I still refuse sugar substitutes, unless they're herbal. I used to be so freaking healthy... no wonder my doctor says I've gained 13 pounds since I had mono (though that's not fair, I mean I had mono when I was last weighed). Simple carbohydrates were no where in my diet... I was even a raw foodist for a summer. I used to drink those gross green drinks. I used to drink fresh vegetable juice every freaking day! What happened? I want to get that Maddie back.


It's been a very thoughtful few days.
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I finished Midnight Estates this morning in Film History. I'm not happy with it, but what else is new for me finishing a novel? I will be in time. After a day off and some meditation, I decided my next writing project will be The Poppet and the Lune, though I've yet to decide if I'm going to write it as a novel or a series of short stories. I might pick up The Hierophant and read through it, too, but then again I might not. I don't know if I should finish revising and editing that before I begin its sequel, The Tower. Although, I already technically wrote the prologue for that one.


So, here's an excerpt from the novel I finished, all choppy and rough drafty and NaNo-y.

I will follow you to the end of time... and whatever lies after. )

(yes the cut text is a quote from the novel. I am self-important like that. ;p )
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Hmmm. Where to begin about how amazing this holiday weekend was...

Halloween! )

NaNoWriMo Day 1 / Samhain / All Saints Day :P )

Dia de los Muertos / Writing! )

There's too much crap to do this week, and not enough time to just sit down and write. But I'll get it all done.

I'm so close to finishing another novel. Well, a draft, but still.



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