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There is a lot I want to say right now. But I can't, because I'm short on time and my brain is just mush. The past 24 hours has been a collection of "lasts" even though I know I'm coming back. But I think the Taurus in me dislikes the sudden disconnection from all things familiar and stable. Yeah. Adventurous, ok, but it's this interim of waiting and preparing that sucks.

I'm really going to miss you guys ;-;

I'm really going to miss my cats ;.;

But this is going to be an amazing semester. And I'm sure by the time I'm getting ready to come home in a few months, I'm really going to miss England.

Time is weird.


Dec. 19th, 2008 03:41 pm
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Turns out there are two Clive Booth Halls, one en-suite and one not- and I'm in the not. That's okay though! So I have to share a bathroom with the rest of the flat. But, I get to say I'm living in a flat. In Oxford.



Dec. 17th, 2008 07:30 pm
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I got my residence assignment for Oxford Brookes today! (Making the whole thing THAT MUCH MORE REAL XD) I'll be staying at Clive Booth Hall which is en-suite, meaning I get my own bathroom (!), and also self-catering, which is probably a good thing since I'm sure I would have gained a bunch of weight on a meal plan. Self-catering gives me the freedom to save money by skipping meals, too (which sounds bad, but given that I don't really eat 3 full meals a day anyway makes sense because mealplans are a rip off unless you eat 3 meals a day religiously). Yeah... I'll save that money and put it into my backpacking fund! :D Anyway, I'm sharing a suite with 5 other people (co-ed!)- we all get our own rooms and bathrooms, but we share a common area and kitchen. It's good- it will force me to meet people. Maybe even make a friend or two? Shocking.

Anyway... just wanted to update that.

Ps: I'm so grateful for this opportunity... ;-;


Dec. 10th, 2008 10:26 pm
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Flight itinerary! )

It is really amazing how quickly this all came together for me. I know it's not like I didn't make it happen, but it was just so much... I don't know. I will never be able to forget the feeling in my stomach when I accidentally walked into that Study Abroad Fair, like I had a third hand actually reaching out from my solar plexus toward the UK.

I know that amazing things are going to happen while I'm abroad- it's just this ineffable, incredible knowledge in my bones- and I am so wonderfully grateful for this opportunity that it brings tears to my eyes sometimes- and if you know me, you know I'm not big on the whole crying thing. But it's really and truly just... literally awesome. :O (<-- awe face)

BTW I fully expect a welcome-home committee waiting for me at the airport ;p I'll be feeling needy, I'm sure!

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I just got an email from Oxford Brookes!





I'm in!

Oct. 23rd, 2008 12:52 pm
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I got into the Study Abroad program!! Woohoo!!

Finally a letter that wasn't a rejection! :D


Oct. 3rd, 2008 06:46 pm
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Oxford Brookes University.

They have media production courses- writing courses- it's at effin' OXFORD- it's $2000 cheaper than other programs- and... and...

The deadline for the Spring semester application is October 15th.


I could be going to Oxford in January.

:O :O :O
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So. I had a dream about a plague again last night, specific deaths involved, and I know exactly why. Oi.

Also, there was a Study Abroad fair at the CFA when I showed up for class so I took a stroll through. I always wanted to study abroad, but things happened and I sort of dropped the idea. I could never decide where I wanted to go, anyway. But then, milling about (fiendishly eves-dropping on a conversation with a male representative from the UK, only because British accents make me coo all girlishly), I stumbled upon the Brockport table and a lady asked me if I wanted to study abroad, etc. We chatted, and I explained that there never seems to be a program suitable for Media Study majors. She handed me information on Westminster.

My third chakra opened imediately, all fluttering around like it's reaching for the damn info packet. It hasn't really stopped. I read all the info, looked online, and oh my gosh the one place I said I never really desired to study abroad in is the one place I'm feeling like I have to go. I've been to London, it's nice, the only reason I said I wouldn't study abroad there is because I've already been there, plus i used to have some notion of learning a second language besides Latin. But I can't deny it- I am drawn.

Exciting! The only problem is I don't want to give up my apartment, and I'd need someone to take care of Luke and Leto. Maybe someone would like to sublet my apartment for a semester? We'll see. I'm sure the Universe will make it all come together for me.


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