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And after that, how about something happy to think about?

Jared and I booked our honeymoon last night! Five nights at the Cape Hatteras Bed & Breakfast on Hatteras Beach in the Outer Banks, NC! It's about a 13 hour drive there (and back), but we figure we can have fun road tripping, stopping at ridiculous roadside attractions, eating terrible rest stop food, listening to bad music, etc. My car is pretty excellent on gas (Honda Civic Hybrid ftw!), so it will probably be less than the price of one plane ticket to drive.

Jared and I both have a deep love for the sea that is hard to describe. I know I've tried here before, and probably failed. There's something intrinsic in me, and in him, that belongs to the sea so profoundly... I think it has to do with past lives, but I can't be certain. I did write about it in the book I gave him for his birthday this year, although I don't think he realizes yet that a part of me thinks the book is based on true events (our past lives together). I'm insanely proud of that book (short story, really- just under 7k). So here's a snippet, for no reason:

I dreamed of mountains then, leviathans of granite and lime, stained by the damp green of the deep sea. They stood like hulking giants on the soft wrinkles of sand, layers of seaweed dancing in the water and hanging from their stocky bodies like ragged clothes. The skeletons of seafaring ships leaned heavily against their stubby legs, frames made hazy by corrosion; great toothy beasts would glide between their shoulders, black eyes gleaming with a light that by all rights should not have been captured there.

Sometimes I would wake up curled into the sheets, clutching at your side of the bed as if I might be able to extract your sleeping ghost from the stuffing of the mattress. Had I been clinging to you? Swimming with your spirit through the icy water, letting the salt wash away the incomprehensible distance between us? Maybe we had become flesh for a moment in time, briefly incarnating some willing creatures asleep beneath the sea.

As certain as I was—when my hand curled around the air where yours should have been and I still felt you—I couldn’t help but be human, and wonder if any of it had really happened, or if you had ever been real to begin with.

Anyway. I know is sounds dismal, because the story of the past lives is really about how the two souls have never spent a lifetime together, but gradually have more and more time, implying that the next life not written in the pages will be the best (the one we're in). Cheesy? Maybe. True? I don't know. But I feel the story inside of me unlike any other story I've ever written, and so it's true to me.

And we're excited to spend our honeymoon by the ocean, in a small town, on a beach, exploring museums and riding bikes and parasailing... it will be magical :)
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Lando has been here just under a week, and he's fitting in just fine! The other cats were a little nervous at first, but they're getting along well now. He's so affectionate, so adorable... I will post pictures soon.

Friday night, Jared's best man Sean came out to visit from Auburn. We went to dinner at Pearl Street Brewery and then for a long walk around Delaware Park. The next day, we visited the South Park Botanical Gardens and the Our Lady of Victory Basilica down the road, and we even made a little trip to Forest Lawn cemetary. All in all a very touristy but adventurous day!

Sunday I co-hosted Zoe's bridal shower in the morning, which was a weird kind of fun because I was the youngest person there besides Zoe, who is actually a month older than me. Also, all of Zoe's family's friends are artists of the "Arteeeeest" variety, and are therefore very odd. But it was fun!

After that I headed home, packed up my stuff and my fiance, and stole him away to Canada for a surprise night's stay at the Fallsview Marriot, in a whirlpool suite! We had all kinds of fun running around Clifton Hill, doing more touristy things, eating overpriced but tasty food. We went to a "moving theater" where the seats jostle you around, following the pattern of the first person movement on the screen. It was epic fun, for 10 minutes. I've never heard Jared laugh so much- hell, I don't remember the last time I laughed that much! We were also quite waterlogged during our stay- we used the jacuzzi in our room, and later that night the pool and hot tub in the hotel spa. It was a lovely adventure.

When we came home yesterday, we got bagels and ate lunch, spaced out while petting/playing with the cats, and then headed out to the park across the street to lie on a blanket and look at some cook books so we could plan some meals for the week to come. We made dinner and watched Up - I'd never seen it before, but OH MY GOD WATCH IT!!! I don't like Disney usually, but this was an amazing and beautiful film. Made me a little teary eyed.

So, that was my weekend! I'm tired and sore now, but mentally I'm relaxed and happy as a clam, and so glad Jared and I got to spend a lot of quality time together this weekend.

Life is good :)
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-bad news first: the freelance job I did is becoming a problem. The contract states that payment is to be delivered upon receiving the edited manuscript and critique. The guy claims he mailed it out immediately, last Wednesday, but I haven't gotten it yet. It could be lost in the mail, but I email him Tuesday and he hasn't gotten back to me. So, I emailed him today and told him if i didn't hear from him by Monday I'd be sending an invoice... I'm trying to envision a positive resolution, but my instinct tells me he's pissed I didn't think his manuscript was ready for publication, and he's trying to get away with not paying me. Bleh. Oh well, I have a signed contract. Small claims would suck, but I'm not going to let him walk all over me because he's a wounded artist.

-Now for Good News: My brother's surgery went well yesterday, thank you all who wished him well! We won't know until next weekend, when the packing is removed, what the hearing situation will be, but the doctor has very high hopes! I found out they took a skin graft from his fore arm and one from behind his ear in order to rebuild everything. WEIRD.

-I have never really stopped loving The Poppet and the Lune, ever since the night I developed the characters in a small coffee shop, in Batavia, NY, with one Sarah Diemer to inspire and cheer me on. It has been a deeply rooted love, though not one so passionate as I've had with others. When we first met, I could hardly wait to begin writing it. And then I did, but then I left the country, and life was so new and strange... and TPaL was there for me, journeyed with me to foreign lands, and foreign coffee shops. TPaL kept the artist in me alive when the rest of me just wanted to drink and dance and go on adventures. And when I came home, things were new and strange again. TPaL wanted me to keep my chin up, to stay excited, but it was hard. I grew distant from TPaL, and even though it was always there, smiling, supporting me, leaving the lights on and the door open, I didn't feel worthy of writing it. I would come back now and then, and try. But each writing session was short, and I knew it wasn't the best it could be. TPaL didn't care. TPaL never judged me. TPaL said "it's okay to write first drafts. It's okay to take time off." Slowly, I began to see TPaL more regularly. There were things about TPaL that I loved, but I didn't understand. Those things began to clarify, and my excitement grew. I wanted TPaL, to be with it, to write it, to pour my soul into it as I once had, but there wasn't time... until Morning Writing began. And now, we are like a happily married couple, newly weds, still flush with young romance, still eager to see each other every day. The commitment is stronger than ever, even though we only see each other an hour a day, five days a week, for our AM rendezvous. And the love is pure, and healthy, and healing.

In other words: I am so happy writing TPaL lately :)

-Jared is going to Syracuse tonight, so I have tonight and Saturday to myself. After I finish unpacking (FINALLY) I think I'll go get the rest of the fabric I need and start to cover the pillows for the love seat. Maybe I'll watch a movie with the kittehs, who will no doubt be after my needle and thread. I'm going to miss my behbeh until Saturday night :c

-Sunday I'm meeting with my friend Amy, who's going to do a test-run on my wedding makeup! hee hee fun! I don't wear a lot of make up usually, so the main challenge is going to be finding a balance between making it worthwhile to have someone do my makeup, and not making me look too made-up, lol.

That's about it folks! Have a fantastic weekend!

ETA: Yay freelance client just emailed and said he'd mail out my payment today. I'm choosing to believe him, because I have faith in humanity ;D


May. 4th, 2010 02:34 pm
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1.) Invitations are in the process of being ordered! Found a lovely print on Etsy for a decent price. Now we're just hammering out some details, but the deposit has been paid and we're rollin'!

2.) We've booked Butterwood for our wedding cake, because their cake was so good even I loved it, and even Jared, who doesn't like cake and especially doesn't like chocolate cake, said "this chocolate cake is amazing!" Also, their staff are friendly. Certain other places were bitches. Straight up. So, decided so far: chocolate cake with bittersweet dark chocolate filling, chocolate buttercream frosting and a chocolate ganache; three tier, square cakes at angles. There will be flowers. Mmmm!

3.) I finished my editing job and sent it out in the mail today! Hooray! I think I did a good job, and gave him a truly encouraging critique, even though it might be a blow to hear someone say it's not ready for publication :/ But I was encouraging.

4.) We're staring swing dancing tonight with my parents!

5.) And last but not least:


Yaaaaaaay! XD XD XD No poverty for us, lol! And no more stress and worry for him. What a relief! He starts Monday, too, which gives him a few more days to relax and settle in.

So, good times!

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Ok, wrong season for that altered quote, but right whatevs.

What an odd weekend. Jared is here for good, though he still has a few car trips before he's completely moved-in. I think that's part of what is ungrounding about it- the not quite finished aspect of absolutely everything. Also, he's still waiting to hear from Heritage as to whether or not he got the job (cross you fingers plz!), and I know that's got to be rough for him- he's a Capricorn, and a dude, and if he's not being useful he feels useless. He's only been unemployed for 1 month since he was 15 years old though, so I think his ability to get and keep a job speaks for itself.

Anyway, what's awesome (besides everything) is that now that he's here it is SO MUCH EASIER to do just about EVERYTHING. Granted, it would have been easier months ago when most of the big decisions were being made (by me), but whateva, he's here now! The past week alone we've made appointments with various vendors, booked strings for the ceremony, a dj for the reception, picked out our wedding invitations, and made some crucial decisions about our wedding rings. Joy! :D I love it when things start to get done.

Tonight we are cake tasting, then I have to get shoes for my friend Zoe's wedding- I have a bridesmaid dress fitting tomorrow at 1:30, and must wear the shoes I'll be wearing for her wedding. I have no idea what color anyone else is wearing. Also tomorrow, we are starting swing dance lessons with my parents. This is a double hooray because Jared doesn't dance usually, but he wants to do this (!), and Zoe's wedding... well, she met her fiance at swing dance lessons. He was the INSTRUCTOR. So, pretty much, everyone at their wedding will be amazing swing dancers. It would be nice if Jared and I could at least rock-step by then ;D

Also also awesome, Jared is whisking me away to a secret place the weekend after my birthday! lol, the weekend after that is when I am secretly planning to whisk him away, so the end of May is blocked out. AND, also also also awesome, I'm finishing the edits on my freelance job tonight, so I'll have a sweet $500 in my pocket in a week or so. Meaning, I will be rollin' in It (it being cash moneys). (Ok, not really, but I feel like I am, and isn't that so much more important than actually rolling in it?)

So... what else? Not much I guess. It's just Monday :)

Have a great week everyone!


Apr. 6th, 2010 02:17 pm
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Ok, yesterday sucked but today is going better, aside from a mysterious (literal) pain in my neck.

I fixed a bunch of problems on the site, so work is going more smoothly. I dropped off Jared's resume to Autistic Services on my lunch break, which looks like a nice place to work (although I didn't see a "starting rate of pay" for the Day Habilitation position... let's just hope it's equal or more to what he makes now in bumf***, NY). He's pretty stressed out about the whole potentially being unemployed/finding a new job thing, but I've sincerely got a good feeling about the whole situation. I think it's entirely likely and possible for him to secure a job before May, even, that pays better than what he gets now (less than $10.25/hour :p), and that starts, say, the second or third week of May. That way he can have some time off from work without worrying, and some time to acclimate to Buffalo before he gets back to the grind. I think that'd be nice :)

Unfortunately, my peaceful feelings on the issue don't help much considering I was job searching for 3 months and never technically got any of the jobs I applied for- I was just offered one by my entrepreneurial parents who already have two businesses that they own. Still, he's in a better boat- he's highly qualified and experienced for the line of work he's pursuing, and he doesn't have a busted spine that prevents him from applying to any job that might involve lifting or standing for long periods of time :p

Anyway, I'm positive he'll have a job in no time, if he just gets his resume out there.

So, aside from that, things are good.

Oh, and one more thing:

Today's TPaL update... PREPARE FOR THE SHOCKING TWIST. (ok maybe not so shocking, but it's a good one!) Coming in, like, 5 minutes! ;D
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Wednesday night was a good night. I've been floating about in the world, ungrounded and even a little isolated despite how much time I spend around people lately (or because of it?). But Sarah and I finally got the chance to meet up and talk about some important things, and get each other pointed in the right direction again. But aside from that, we made A Promise.

We signed a contract together, in blood (ok not really), that beginning next week we would, upon pain of the loss of our status as "Inkmaidens," write every day, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 9 am.

An hour might not seem like a lot, but THIS IS HUGE. This is an hour guaranteed to be devoted to writing, 5 times a week. And that one hour every day is more than all the "whole nights" we plan on spending writing but never do because we're tired when we get home from work.

Then, we proceeded to draw up a coat of arms for the Inkmaidens, which I shall reproduce one of these days when I'm not stupid-busy with work/packing/cleaning/wedding planning. But the motto floating beneath reads Scribe vel Perite! (Write or Die!) Hee hee.

So, I'm excited. I've been up the past two mornings to write, and it just starts the day off so right. And at night, I can feel okay about coming home and packing instead of writing, like I keep telling myself I will, but I never do. ;p


Nothing much else to report- on my way to Auburn this afternoon to spend Easter and the rest of Passover with Jared :D I made him an All-Inclusive-Spring-Holiday Bucket, which includes a bottle of Manischewitz wine, a box of matzo ball soup mix, a holy santos candle, and lots of candy. And its in a nifty blue bucket he can reuse as a wastebasket or... a bucket. XD

Happy Friday everyone!
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On Friday, March 19, Jared and I will celebrate the 6 month anniversary of our "match." It's funny, this meeting-online thing- when do we celebrate an anniversary? On September 19th, the day we were matched, and the day that came to me the year before in a vision? On October 3rd, when we officially met, and knew we were in love but didn't dare admit it? On the 10th, when we shared our first kiss? On the 11th, when we became "official?" Or on the 16th, when we said "I love you"? Or maybe on the 25th, when we decided to get married? We've settled on the 19th simply because of the import of my vision, but maybe we should just celebrate them all :)

It's amazing to think that we've only been together for six months (4 of those months we've been planning our wedding). We are soul mates. It is difficult to imagine the lives we lived before meeting. It's hard to understand that we haven't known each other since birth. There may be details we don't know about each other, but we know each other's heart, inside and out.

It's strange, still, no matter how right and good it feels, to think about all that's happened. Finding your soul mate. Planning a wedding. Moving in. Our lives are entwined now, and I've never had that before. I've had long term committed relationships, but there was always a part of me that was separate from my partner. With Jared, it's different. I realized a long time ago that I love him more than anything else in the world. Maybe that makes me soft, or a hopeless romantic, or selfish, even. But it's true, and I can't change it. I may have a hundred dreams in my lifetime that I hope to achieve, and maybe I will, but Jared is my dream-come-true every waking moment, and I realize and relish that more and more each day. It's astounding how the Universe can deliver to you what you have forgotten you asked for, and what you didn't even know you would want.

So I'm making a nice dinner this Friday, and weather permitting we're going to go on a very long walk, just like the day we first met. But this time we'll be discussing paint-chips for our new apartment, and what we want on our wedding invitations. How strange a thing, this "time..."

Also, I think this is the first time I've ever used "loved" for my mood on LJ :)


Dec. 7th, 2009 02:39 pm
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Because I'm really proud of it, I thought I'd share a bit of the short story with you all :)

All that we see or seem is but a dream, within a dream... )
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I have given up on trying to reach 50k. That's not to say I won't, but I'm not stressing over it. I can't. I was, and it was hurting me even more. If need be, I will be the example that it is okay to fail at NaNo, and I shall fail gracefully.

Some reasons behind my decision: I was not excited about the novel I'd chosen to write, and excitement, above all else, at least at the outset, is essential to ploughing through a first draft. It's all one has sometimes to make up for a lack of characters and plot. So, I've scrapped the novel, and I'm doing something experimental, which I'll discuss in a moment. Also, due to illness, stress related to finances, and my unavailable weekends (from now until Spring :) and now the addition of an editing assignment that was supposed to be done by now, but due to some bitchy underhandedness I was unable to contribute to a group project and now have to do it alone- this on top of all the other final assignments for the semester, it would be irresponsible of me and unkind of me to push myself to finish a novel, too. Not to mention, while all this is going on I feel terrible about not getting to write TPaL, and I'm afraid I'm becoming too distant from its essence. Tonight I'm going to write a few chapters in that, and then work on the new NaNo novel.

The New NaNo Novel: As you may have noticed recently, I have found my soul mate and I am madly in love. When I say soul mate, I'm not using the term lightly- there have been so many strange signs and experiences, and dreams that we've had, and sheer, undeniable intuition... I have no doubt that Jared and I have spent many lives together. So, being all twitterpated and having such a clear knowledge of some of these past lives in my brain, I'm going to write them out. It's all based on the second time we met, we were lying down, cuddling, and he looked at me and asked with all sincerety: "Where do I know you from?" I had a dream later that week that he asked me that, and I told him the story of one of our lives together. It's coming out fairly experimental- there's no over-arching plot so far, just a series of anecdotes with poetry sprinkled here and there, and it's written in first/second person with alternating narrators, signified by font change.

I'm not so much excited about this new idea as I am forcefully drawn to it. I don't know if i'll reach 50k, but that's fine. I just want to finish it in time for Jared's birthday (December 27th). It'll be the first writing gift I've ever given, but more importantly, been inspired to give.

In other news, TPaL will be published as a serial in Buffalo Tales Magazine for the next year! I signed the contract and got the check, and I almost cried. $150 dollars. I know that's really not much per issue, but it doesn't matter- I told her I'd let her publish it for free. Besides, money issues have abounded lately. All that aside, a three figure check and an official contract does so much to make a person feel like a bona fide writer, as in one whose career is in writing. I've needed a boost lately to get me back on my feet of positive thinking, and this helps. I also need to actually write every day.

Leto seems to be doing better. We found a hair ball yesterday, I'm hoping it was his and that he was just trying to get that up all this time (he's such a little guy I wouldn't be surprised if he had a hard time with it). So, all in all, things are looking up! Plus, I get to see Jared again Friday night - Sunday night, and next weekend he has Friday off, so I'll be going out there Thursday night for a 3 day weekend, and the week after that is thanksgiving, so we get 4 days together! Woo hoo!

I was feeling like such a lame-o recently for being so whiny about missing him (in my head) during the week, but I finally realized why it's okay: in life, when you grow and expand and improve, it hurts to be cut off from those things that you've become. I was happy single, in the perspective I was living... but now I have so much more, a mind-blowing gift that, until I received it, I had no idea was absolutely and already an essential part of who I am. I can't go back- you can never go back. So, yeah, it sucks that we're so far away, but that's okay, too. It's okay that we miss each other like crazy, because no matter how much we miss each other the love that we're experiencing is so much more powerful that we can't even be unhappy about it. Besides, it could be much worse- I'm so grateful that we at least have every weekend together.

Okay, I'm done for today. Maybe gonna nap before class while my laundry finishes up.


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