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omg I'm just salivating over all these new tattoo ideas:

-"Tell them stories..." either backwards or upside down. It makes sense, cause I'm not telling anyone to tell stories, I'm being told, so it really only matters if I can read it or not.
-"Ghost" in runes- if I ever get Midnight Estates published, cause that's what Tristan gets tattooed in the right side of his abs, for an entirely different reason than what I have
-"There is a word for each leaf, and each wall, and there is a word for nothing." But I think I want to get this as hidden text inside of my dragon tree tattoo which will come up under my crows.

-the rune "jera" which means harvest, among other things
-aforementioned dragon tree
-quill over my heart, mos' definitely
-snowflakes, to represent ;p
-a five-petal lotus tramp-stamp, when I start publishing my Lotus Children books (Renaissance)
-really vague, but something on my left thigh. I'm thinking peacock (sacred to Sarasvati), or maybe Sarasvati herself. Maybe something else- I dunno. I have a lifetime to figure it out.

Also, white-ink tattoos are so cool... I might get the quill in white, or I might get the snowflakes in white. I am seriously considering white "accents" around my body, too. So many decisions!

It's funny, cause I always loved tattoos, but I had some weird idea that I should care what people think about me if I have a tattoo, i.e. guys don't like girls with tattoos, or people will think you're immature or stupid, blah blah blah. I plan on having most of my tattoos easily hidden, not just for "professional" reasons but because I don't get tattoos to show them to people (though, admittedly, it's fun when you first get one to show it around). I get them for myself. I can't even fully explain the reasons behind my crows to most people because they just will not get it unless they really know me. ("you can't judge me, you don't know what I been thru")

For new year's day, i will probably stick with "Storyteller" in Sanskrit on my back, over my heart- my best friend is probably getting "storyteller" in another form that day- it will be such a squee-ishly bonding experience! If I decided to get "tell them stories" I have to get that while I'm in Oxford- most of HDM takes place there, and Philip Pullman lives there, so. Yeah.

Fun times!


Dec. 12th, 2008 08:45 pm
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Ok, so I can't work on my draft cause the PC won't read what was supposed to be a universal file format. Anyway, I was playing with my quill tattoo idea/drawing on myself, and I had it PERFECT, I was so happy, it was gonna be over my heart and have written "Tell them stories" under my boob, kind of coming from the larger crow... but then, I realized, it was backward. I was looking in a mirror. IDIOT.

So, now I'm all disappointed, cause it just isn't the same if I move it to the other side... besides, the heart is slightly to the left. I mean, the quill is what's important, not the text, but I also wanted the text on its own, and I thought combining them would be cool. Meh.

Universe, give me a solution.

(Let's see if this works)

EDIT: I did find several photos of text tattoos that were intentionally backward- it makes sense, and it does agree with my philosphy on tattoos: they are for you, and no one else. Of course, going with that philosophy, I might as well write it upside down so that I can read it when I look down.

Hmmm... it's a thought. It's a thought...
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Ok, so I'm very disoriented because I'm borrowing a laptop from my parents while the Apple store does a file transfer from my iBook G4 to my new MACBOOK PRO! HOLY SHIT! I'm still dumbfounded. I was supposed to get a macbook and then upgrade later, but my brother worked some weird logic magic on my mother while he was on the phone with her and she decided: "well, if you're going to get it anyway, I might as well spend the extra couple of hundred and get it for you now so that you can have the best resources for your media stuff."



My mother is amazing. We've worked this out, btw- i'm not a complete J.A.P. (besides my Dad's the Jewish one). I've basically exchanged my next million birthdays and christmases, plus I've agreed to help my mom make a documentary (which is a subject for another exciting entry!).

But, what's really frustrating is I thought I had my query letter drafts for The Hierophant on my flash drive, and I don't, so I have to wait until I get my computer back tomorrow until I can look at them again, and it's driving me crazy. I so want to move forward on this, it's a visceral feeling in my blood.

I actually had a dream last night that I got a letter from an agent expressing interest in one of my novels. I've never had a dream that blatant about the publishing process! It also involved me, Sarah Diemer, and Jenn cleaning out the attic of an old house (houses in dreams represent your subconscious self, and attics represent your higher self, and we were all three cleaning together... and I've been learning about this "clearing" process to help rid your subconscious of limiting beliefs... it was so perfect!).


Oh, and another thing, I finally just coughed up the dough to pay for a translation of "storyteller" into Sanskrit. I'm either going to get it along my wrist (not across) or on my back, over my heart to the left of my spine, or on my chest. I dunno.

I do know that I'm going to get a quill tattooed over my heart on my chest. Soon. It has a lot to do with me being a writer, obvs., but it also has to do with a myth my best friend made up for one of her books/series that I fell in love with the first time she told me about it. I don't want to say it here, but some day, when the books are published, you will get it.


The left side of my body is a party, and the right side is all business ;p

Oh! And, last but not least, I got a new Tarot card deck last night because I lost my rider waite deck. I got the Art Nouveau deck, which I know doesn't look very "Maddie" but... it is strikingly appropriate for me lately, actually. Plus, its energy is just amazing. I'm very excited to get back into *trying* to learn how to read.

Ok! thankfully I do have drafts on my flash drive, so i'm going to work on that, and then make a list of agents to submit to (once the query is done).

"I feel heppy!"
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So, I was thinking of several, translated into other languages or alphabets. These are the text ones:

"Storyteller" (an appropriate label)
"Tell them stories" (my favorite line from the His Dark Materials trilogy)
"There is a word for each leaf, and each wall, and there is a word for nothing."

I was thinking Sanskrit, because these all have to do with me being a writer, and Sarasvati is one of my favorite deities (the Hindu Goddess of writing). I entertained the thought of just translating it into Cuneiform since that's the earliest known form of writing, but Cuneiform is kind of ugly.

Also, I thought about Ogham script because it can be written vertically and I like the idea of a text tattoo going down my spine from my neck, but Ogham, too, is kind of ugly. If I had any connection to Japanese or Chinese I might do that, but I don't.

It's a process. And a fun one! :D
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Hmmm. Where to begin about how amazing this holiday weekend was...

Halloween! )

NaNoWriMo Day 1 / Samhain / All Saints Day :P )

Dia de los Muertos / Writing! )

There's too much crap to do this week, and not enough time to just sit down and write. But I'll get it all done.

I'm so close to finishing another novel. Well, a draft, but still.

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I am glad that I'm stubborn like a bull, because I made a rule for myself in high school that I must want a tattoo, unwaveringly, for at least 365 consecutive days before I am allowed to get it. And right now that rule is literally saving my skin. I'm going "tat" crazy.

-This year has been riddled with subconscious images of the silhouettes of birds, and also crows. Crows have been with me in one form or another for a long time (a white crow, specifically, came to me in a meditation once and blew my mind). And I think this image would make a nice tattoo. Or this one.

-I am hiring Laura to design my weird tattoo that's hard to describe.

-I can't decide if I want my "lotus mark" to be exactly like in my books, or slightly different. I don't want to claim the fictional birthright that goes with it, so that's why I'm thinking a variation would be better, more of an homage to My Books. Or is that waay to self-loving? Maybe I shouldn't even get the lotus mark. Hmm.

-And there is this stain on my ear on the cartilage from a cheap earring I wore in high school when it was healing, I was thinking about getting that covered with a little tattoo. Yeah, ouch.

Sigh. I has an addiction.

Body art

Oct. 14th, 2008 11:46 pm
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So I've been thinking about getting another tattoo. I know for certain I will get a lotus tattoo (with five petals, or an abstract with five diamonds, like the "lotus mark" in my books), all that remains to be decided is the size and placement for that one. I will NOT get a tramp stamp, even though that does seem like the logical place for a tattoo of that shape. Besides, there's this other tattoo I want that might touch that area...

See, I imagine it like this: very delicate, thin, lines beginning at the small of my back, curving up to my right hip and sweeping up my ribs; it's a tree, maybe with blossoms, although cherry blossoms are so over-done (in my oppinion), so maybe with autumn leaves. But it's also a dragon at the S-curve, the snaky kind with no back legs. Maybe no wings. I can't seem to draw it correctly though, and it's hard to describe to an artist.

I also really like this dragon tattoo, but I would never get it because I already know someone else has it.



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