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Here comes the Taurus in me:

I'm excited about the prospect of this new job for two reasons:

1) I'm not going to be bored out of my mind wandering aimlessly around a kiosk by myself, unable to go to the bathroom until someone shows up to relieve me

2) I'm gonna be makin' cash money yo! (lol)

I've never been too obsessed with money, probably because I've always had it. I don't know how, usually from sources of support or otherwise. I don't spend a lot of money on superfluous things outside of coffee. But since I've begun a "household" so to speak, I've been interested in things like savings, investments, and budgeting.

Weird, huh?

So I'm super excited to be making almost as much as Jared at 25 hours a week ;p Imagine if I worked full time? Or not. Because I won't, as long as I don't have to, because my writing is a priority for both of us (<3).

But, if I get this new job, I'll be making more than enough for us to start paying off Jared's student loans, put some money into savings, and start a travel saving account. My dad is into stocks and mutual funds, etc., and has given us some fabulous advice, as well as a little book called The Richest Man in Babylon that has some simple rules I'm eager to begin following.

We're going to start with some "high risk" mutual funds (I put that in quotes because mutual funds are inherently kind of low risk) for the remainder of our wedding money, as well as setting aside a minimum of 10% of all income for general savings. I want to designate one of our savings accounts as the "Paradise Falls" savings (if you've seen Up you know :), and put in what we can at the end of every month after bills and ourselves are paid.

I'm geekily excited to watch our bank accounts grow!

< / end Taurean financial spew>

Also, NaNo is in less than a month now. This is my 4th year as a Municipal Liaison (I get a pin!), and Sarah's second (she get's a VERY BRIGHT T-shirt!), and Buffalo's AWESOMEST.


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-I have a job! HOORAY! I am my parents "bitch" while they start up their new business, The Green Buffalo. I'm their creative consultant, their site designer, their videographer should they decide to do instructional videos, their researcher, their press person, brainstormer, and one day I will be their office and shipping manager. Woot! This is awesome for so many reasons, and all of them fall under the umbrella of this fact: so many details of this job are EXACTLY what I asked for when I made my lists of positive aspects and things I wanted in a job. Who knew I'd find it at home? I'm not making tons of money- I'm starting at $10/hour- but it's more than enough to get by. Because... long as I get the go-ahead from Jared, we've got an apartment! Almost literally right next door to where I live now! Haha. I called Bilbo (my landlord, haha) about a 2 bedroom apartment they had listed in Kenmore, and he called me back saying "You know there's a 2 bdrm available in your complex, right?" No i did not! Now I do! I saw it this morning and it's perfect. It's about 100 square feet larger than the place I have now, perfect for a bedroom and an office. Still has a big living room, a dining room, a kitchen (this one has a cute tiny little broom closet :O). I already know the neighborhood. I know we'll have infinite hot water! And it's still on the 3rd floor, so I still get everyone else's heat in the winter, which is still included in the rent, which is only $645. Woot! April 15th is the move-in date. We're going to paint, I think, before we move. Spend what I would have on a moving truck, on paint! haha

-The not so awesome, is I learned that the lead singer from my favorite band of all time, Sparklehorse, killed himself last week- shot himself in the heart, to be precise. This makes me sad on so many levels. Not a hero-worship OMGPRINCESSDI kind of sad, but just... :( It's not a band that is easy to get into, and to be frank the lyrics often don't make any sense. But in the choice of words and sound and deliverance of song everything coalesces into something I found profoundly beautiful. I've always wanted to see him play live- and there are very few musicians I've ever wanted to see play live, and now I never will. The artist is gone, and his art flows no more. The songs that have been so inspirational, so meaningful, so heartwrenchingly good to me for nearly ten years... they all still exist. But there will never be any more of their kind. It's a hard thought to think.

But, on the whole, life is good and things are shaping up and opportunities abound! The Universe still loves me after all! Not that I ever thought it didn't... ;D
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What a nice weekend :) Jared and I spend long hours together just cuddling and watching movies and talking. Jared, his roommate Jack, and I are going to start working on making a short horror film for fun. Jack has a degree in telecommunications and works as a videographer and editor for a Syracuse news station, so together with Jared we have a decent knowledge of how a film should be made. It should be an adventure, either way!

Tonight, I have an interview at Buffalo Womenservices! Woo hoo! I'm really hoping I get this job. It only pays $9/hr, and they can't guarantee I'd get FT hours every week, which means there are probably no benefits, but I don't care! I'll be covered under Jared's insurance when we're hitched, and in the mean time I'll just save a little from each paycheck for health stuff just in case. Also, who am I kidding? If I needed money for medical bills my parents would spot me until I could pay them back. How fortunate I am to come from a family that is so generous. ;-;

In other news, I'm thinking of revising Midnight Estates to make it an adult paranormal romance. I may publish it under a pen name. I have a series idea- Realty Romance, lol. Midnight Estates, Shady Acres, and Whispering Woods, all of which are actual housing developments I've seen and thought- "damn, those sound like horror story titles!" Maybe they can all be like some kind of desperate housewives-meets-paranormal-romance thing. I dunno.

Happy Monday!
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Well well well, it's been some time, hasn't it?

-First, I'm back to regular posts in The Poppet and the Lune! Yaaay! Tuesdays only unfortunately, as I've been too busy with the excitement and wonder of LIFE to have time to get much of a cushion written.

-The venue is booked, and the dress is ordered! Holy crap were those two things difficult to find and stressful to not have decided on. Timing is everything in planning a wedding, and I guess since our wedding is in August we were cutting it pretty close on both! We'll be getting married on August 21st (my eldest brother's birthday :p), 2010, at the Lockport Locks, which does cruises up and down the Erie Canal. It'll be an outdoor ceremony and reception, including a cocktail hour on a boat! :D And the dress... omg the dress. I tried it on a few weeks ago actually, the first time I tried on wedding dresses, but because of the price I was unsure. Since we got a deal on the venue, however, the dress was no problem! It's gorgeous, kind of lacy/vintagey, kind of modern. Surprisingly, it's strapless (I generally don't do strapless) but my hair will be down so even if there were straps they'd be covered by my hair. Also, it has a lace-up back ;D

-I'm having a phone conference with the potential photographer ( who is a bit pricey, but her work is fabulous and we're more than willing to skimp on something else to have the best pictures we can get. 50 years from now we're not going to remember what we used in the flower arrangements, but we'll have amazing photographs!

-Didn't get the job at Geico, but I have a few other prospects still. Local folks, if you know of any job opportunities please don't hesitate to let me know...

-Going crazy now that the holidays have passed. Jared and I are back to seeing each other less than 3 days a week, and we've gotten spoiled by lots of 3 or 4 day weekends. I cannot wait for him to move out here. Of course, I need to get a job first, but that is going to happen soon. (Right Universe? Right Maddie.) Then, life can get kind of normal, as in I won't be busy every weekend from now to forever.

That's about it!
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[winky smiley]

Long entry jam-packed with life-updatey goodness! )

And now, an extra picture outside of the 365 thing, just because I look so evil:

Heeeeee ;D


Jun. 8th, 2009 02:50 pm
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Sort of. I've been busy/without internet. So here's the jist of what's been happenin':

-I'm home! As of last Wednesday, 5pm, to be exact :) Things are the same, and different, and new. I love home, but I have a feeling my wanderlust is going to be unbearable this year, especially since I'm practically broke :P

-So, to solve that, I need a job. I've been keeping an eye on, and craigslist, and all that, but so far nothing is coming up. I think I'm going to print up some fliers and get this pet-sitting business rolling. I'd like to have supplemental income as well though, because there is a lot of stuff I want to do this summer. We'll see. The Universe provides ;D

-The Poppet and The Lune is back on schedule! Now I just need to write the rest of it... also, should I be working on a novel? I feel like 2 projects at once is asking for trouble, but I feel strangely useless if I don't have a novel project going on. Then the question is, which one do I pick up? Rewriting The Hierophant? Writing The Tower? Revising Midnight Estates? Hmmm...

-Write-in tonight! I'm excited to see people. I don't want this to become an issue with writer's group- I officially left the BWG last fall, and I don't really have any intention of coming back. And the write-ins are not, and never have been, any kind of attempt to undermine the BWG. It's just me (or whoever, for that matter), somewhere public, writing, and inviting other writers to join. I hope it's as productive as it has been in the past.

-Where are some good places to meet new people? I'm feeling expansive. Let's meet new friends/potential partners in crime!

-Also, Zoe, my friend since 4th grade is engaged! And so is Scott! Granted, Scott already has a baby, but that's two friends in one week who have gotten engaged! And I'm going to Kristen's wedding on the 20th! Dang it, don't undermine my singledom! (Addendum to the above bullet: "Let's meet new friends/potential partners in crime/possible lovers?" ;p)

Aaaaaand... that's it.


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