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Everything happens for a reason... so why did I waste my time at the endocrinologist this morning?

Maybe it's not a waste. Maybe when I go for bloodwork this afternoon the tests will show something. But she didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about- she didn't really share her thoughts at all- I hate how cold and officious and distant allopathic doctors are. Meh. All she did was warn me that 10% of lumps like this are cancerous, so I should get an aspiration (NEEDLE THROUGH MY THROAT TO GET A SAMPLE, YUM!) just to be sure. Hells fucking no! You're lucky I'm willing to let you take my blood, frickin' leeches.

SO, I shouldn't jump to conclusions that I wasted my time. I don't have cancer, I know that. Maybe they will find something in the blood. The blood. THE BLOOOOOOD.

God i'm in a goofy mood ;p

ps: Laura made a fantastic dinner last night, and we and Sarah and Jenn saw Slumdog Millionaire (for the third time for me!!!) but we missed the first few minutes :( Sarah and Jenn, you MUST SEE IT AGAIN!!!

Plus there was a cute boy at the concessions with hot Buddhist tattoos... oh the irony of permanently inscribing symbols of a religion that promotes the ideas of impermanence!
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Haha! If you google Madeline Claire Franklin my website is the VERY FIRST hit! haha! Check me out!! Sarah is the bestest best friend ever and she's hosting my files on, which you should all check out, or go straight to the Etsy shop, for fantastic little bits of magic (perfect for holiday gifts... *ahem*)!

Whew, that paragraph had a lot of links.

So, the site is "live," though I admit it's unfinished. There are several completely inactive links and as far as I know at least one typo, three title changes on one of the writing project pages, and one link to an image instead of a page (oops). I've got a lil' bit o' work to do in the media lab before the semester is out, it would seem. But, I just ordered new moo cards with my web address on them, so I wanted to get it up to replace the old one I made in class last spring.


Plus, Thursdays are magical. Did you know I was not liking my novel any more? It's true. And then I talked to Sarah about it, and just talking about it, the little bits, the funny moments, made me fall absolutely in love with it again. I realized I'd accidentally put in all this strange symbolism that made it look like I was super clever, but really, it was completely unintentional. Also, I got Sarah to write more in her NaNo novel too, so that was a victory for both of us! ;D

Tonight, of course, Sarah, Sarah Poley, Jenn, Laura and I are all going to see Twilight. Yeah, I know- haven't I been bitching about that book since I read it? But we figure it could be good because Smeyer didn't write the screenplay, and if not we can always MST3k the hell out of it, especially every time Edward tries to "dazzle" the audience. (Mmm eyecandy.) I was contemplating making a "team Alice" shirt (as opposed to "team jacob" or "team edward") to wear tonight, but I don't think anyone would get it. Maybe I'll do it anyway. For S&Gs.

And now, to storytelling!
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Oh Em Gee!

Where have I been? They are re-releasing The Nightmare Before Christmas to theatres this Friday- in 3D!!!

I LOVE that movie more than I can express. I saw it in theaters as a kid, and it was my absolute favorite. I watch it at Halloween and Christmas and have often in between... I'm so going, even if I have to go alone. Which I don't think I will ;D


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