Jun. 8th, 2009 02:50 pm
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Sort of. I've been busy/without internet. So here's the jist of what's been happenin':

-I'm home! As of last Wednesday, 5pm, to be exact :) Things are the same, and different, and new. I love home, but I have a feeling my wanderlust is going to be unbearable this year, especially since I'm practically broke :P

-So, to solve that, I need a job. I've been keeping an eye on BuffaloJobFinder.com, and craigslist, and all that, but so far nothing is coming up. I think I'm going to print up some fliers and get this pet-sitting business rolling. I'd like to have supplemental income as well though, because there is a lot of stuff I want to do this summer. We'll see. The Universe provides ;D

-The Poppet and The Lune is back on schedule! Now I just need to write the rest of it... also, should I be working on a novel? I feel like 2 projects at once is asking for trouble, but I feel strangely useless if I don't have a novel project going on. Then the question is, which one do I pick up? Rewriting The Hierophant? Writing The Tower? Revising Midnight Estates? Hmmm...

-Write-in tonight! I'm excited to see people. I don't want this to become an issue with writer's group- I officially left the BWG last fall, and I don't really have any intention of coming back. And the write-ins are not, and never have been, any kind of attempt to undermine the BWG. It's just me (or whoever, for that matter), somewhere public, writing, and inviting other writers to join. I hope it's as productive as it has been in the past.

-Where are some good places to meet new people? I'm feeling expansive. Let's meet new friends/potential partners in crime!

-Also, Zoe, my friend since 4th grade is engaged! And so is Scott! Granted, Scott already has a baby, but that's two friends in one week who have gotten engaged! And I'm going to Kristen's wedding on the 20th! Dang it, don't undermine my singledom! (Addendum to the above bullet: "Let's meet new friends/potential partners in crime/possible lovers?" ;p)

Aaaaaand... that's it.
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I had a dream last night that I was getting married. I don't remember much about it, only that I was completely uncertain as to whether or not I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with this person. In fact, I was pretty sure I didn't. But I'd said yes, the day had come, people were there, I was in my dress, flowers in hand... so how could I say no? But wouldn't it hurt us both more in the long run if I faked my way through the ceremony? If I got up to the altar and just smiled uncomfortably? I couldn't even imagine kissing him. I just did not love him. How did I even let myself get here? How stupid of me.

So, that seems like a pretty blatant metaphor. But I am really comfortable with my decision to not go to grad school. I don't really have any other looming questionable commitments... so what's the deal? Maybe to focus only on what I want, not what will make other people comfortable/happy? OK!

Feeling a little bit better/more in touch with myself, day by day...
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It is a little known fact that I am a hopeless romantic, probably because I never actually expect romantic things to happen because, well, I have an image to maintain (j/k). Plus, let's face it, when you expect something romantic it's not nearly as awesome as when you didn't.

So, I am excited to be attending THIS tonight with Sarah and Jenn (Mrs. and Mrs. Reho-Diemer for those of you who don't know). Let me say this, just to be honest and clear: I firmly believe that in a perfect world- no, not even perfect, but the way the world should be- sexual preferences and their variations would be as accepted and understood as the color of your eyes. I have always been very passionate about my stance on marriage- not "gay marriage" unless you want to start labeling "straight marriage" too. That's just it: separating it at all is just like how unnecessary it is to ask on the SATs "what ethnicity are you?" All this labeling is just as harmful as the labeling in high school: "punk" "prep" "jock" "freak" puts you at odds with the rest of the population. Why do humans do it? Why do we continue to do it as adults? It's unnecessary. I strongly respect individual cultures and the beauty of each but a part of me is still struggling to reconcile the joy of diversity with the ignorance and confusion and hate that those things breed. I love muslim art, language, and culture: but, need I say more to show this as an example of ignorance breeding hate?

Anyway, that got off track. My point is that I want to do more to help make marriage truly a right for all humans. Someone once told me that it was not my fight and that I should put my energy elsewhere, and, I don't know why, but I believed them. The gay culture is not my own, just like the catholic culture is not... but still. Humans are humans, and just as whites fought for the civil rights of african americans, straight folk can fight for the rights of the GLBT people as well.

I hope that all came out right.


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