Sep. 17th, 2010 03:18 pm
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Punam Bean (our wedding photographer) has posted a sneak peek of our engagement session photos on her blog!

This is awesome because a) people can see our pretty pictures, and b) she LINKED TO MY WEB SERIAL.

I've already had 25 unique views since she posted it!

She's, like, an amazing NYC photographer with a following. Maybe... she knows... an agent or two? ;D

I can dream!
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I went for a walk today by myself, into the city center/centre to do some writing at a cafe. It was pleasant, even though there was some wet snow on the way there. I also stopped at a used bookstore to look for antique fairy tales for Sarah and Jenn, but all I found was real antiques that I couldn't afford :/

Some pictures )

At the cafe, I read through Part I of The Poppet and the Lune, the first story arc entitled "A Heart Full of Stitches" (credited to [ profile] glamourkin ). I am happy with it. I'm going to go through and divide it into smaller chapters, and I am considering doing a web serial. Why you might ask? Well, if I can build an audience it will look good when I finally go to query it. Also, it will force me to write. Also, ever since the conception of this story I had the idea that it should be published as a serial. I might do it as a web serial first, then try to get it into magazines. Who knows.

Does anyone know the deal with copyright and the different blogging sites? Do they own it? Does no one? I thought I'd read somewhere that blogging was as good as publishing... I don't know.

Anyway, I also stopped at a Chinese medicine place at the Westgate Shopping Centre because my bronchial area has been feeling not so great. They gave me some kind of powder to drink like tea... we'll see. I'm assuming this is mostly from the insane adrenaline before I left, and then the fast climate change, and then the sleeplessness and accidental starvation. The tea-ish stuff is actually not too bad. The stuff in my lungs is gross, though.

I actually meditated today, too! That was nice. It was more visualization and path-working than mind-clearing, though. A good time was had by all ;D I have so much free time on my hands here since I only have each class once a week, and can't work. I should probably be writing more, but I should also be seeing more of the city (even though it's really small). I'm working on finding a groove here... in the mean time spontaneity rules the day ;)


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