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Meet Rusty!

Rusty loves his squeaky carrot!

Sometimes he fetches it...

And other times, he just cuddles with it. In his mouth.

That's Rusty!

He is the sweetest, most playful, most adorable little guy. He's so incredibly smart, and is learning very quickly. I'm learning a lot, too, about being a different kind of mom--being a mother to cats is much easier, for one thing. Being a mother to a dog in a house full of cats is no picnic. The cats are adjusting though--Luke spends most of his time upstairs still, but he does come down to use the litter box, and even comes to sniff around when Rusty is sitting on the couch with me. Lando is being strangely dominant, which I can't say is a surprise, but it's a little unexpected. He usually just doesn't care about things--he's very interested in Rusty though, especially in letting Rusty know who's boss. Leto is nervous, but not nervous enough to stay out of the kitchen when he thinks there might be food for him to steal ;D

But mostly, the big difference between owning cats and dogs is, owning a dog requires a lot more time, focus, energy, and selflessness. And it's surprisingly easy for me to give those things away to something I love. <3

Anyway, I'm reading a lot on dog training methods (positive reinforcement!) and feeding choices (no grain, all natural!). But if any of you veteran dog owners have any suggestions on how to train a dog that is too smart for its own (or my own?) good, let me know! 

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I think this new course of homeopathic is helping tremendously. Errything's excitin'!

-I OWE SARAH AND JENN MY FIRST BORN CHILD. They've helped me so much with my current WIP I cannot even begin to articulate. Endless, endless hours of me whining have been endured. But! I really think, honestly, something amazing is about to happen with this book. I figured out some major details just now (*ahem*googledocs*ahem*) thanks to Jenn and Sarah's insight last night! Eeee! The bad guys have clear, believable motivation! And I'm reinserting the soul of the story!!! Eeeee!!!

-Also, there is a dog/puppy. He is half pomeranian/half sheltie? terrier? something? and his name is Rusty (for now). He gets along with cats and dogs and is mostly housebroken. We're going to drive 1.5 hours on Monday to meet him!!! XD

ETA: This is the ONLY picture of Rusty they have! ADORBS! ;-;

And this is his very brief profile.

-I put on my big girl panties and sold some stock this morning. I'm doing a RESET on our finances that have been messed up since I made too big of a downpayment on our new car, and getting ahead so we can start implementing a weekly budget/allowance and be much better about spending less, and being more mindful of where our money is going. Which is exciting to me! Even though I hate numbers, I love budgeting :) I use to help me track my spending, and synch all my accounts, and it makes things so much easier!

-We have paint picked out for the bathroom. Now we just need the time to get the painting done! It's going to be a pain-- we'll have to move the toilet and sink--but I'm super excited to start making it a pretty, relaxing space instead of the neutral blah it is now.

That's it for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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